Aiven enters Data Warehousing market

Aiven’s latest solution is a fast, resource-effective database that allows the generation of analytical data reports in real-time.

Aiven has announced the beta launch of Aiven for ClickHouse® at Uptime, the company’s first annual developer conference. Marking Aiven’s entrance to the cloud data warehousing market, the addition enables Aiven’s customers to use the fastest open source columnar database to access high-performance analytics for insights that drive key business decisions.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Aiven for ClickHouse® Beta to our customers and further democratize access to best-of-breed open source technologies,” said Heikki Nousiainen, CTO at Aiven. “While our customers love our managed database offerings like PostgreSQL and MySQL, as data grows, they must incorporate data warehousing into their overall strategy. ClickHouse provides the best performance and scalability to meet customer demand. With ClickHouse, we can now better support our customers in leveraging their data into actionable insights to increase revenue and overall productivity of their business.”

Based on open source ClickHouse, Aiven for ClickHouse® Beta is a fully managed cloud data warehouse that brings high performance analytics to Aiven and allows the generation of analytical data reports in real-time using advanced SQL queries. Below are a few new integrations that Aiven for ClickHouse® Beta will offer.

Run federated queries from Clickhouse to data on PostgreSQL without transferring data.

Stream data from multiple sources using Aiven for Kafka to ClickHouse for real-time analytics

Visualize insights from ClickHouse with Aiven for Grafana

“By collaborating with the fellow proponents of open source at ClickHouse, we are living our mission to make developer’s lives better while working together to improve the larger open source community,” said Lorna Mitchell, Head of Developer Relations at Aiven. “Aiven for ClickHouse® Beta is an offering that directly speaks to bringing a good developer experience to one of the biggest pain points in data platforms today.”

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