Self-healing storage with twice the performance

Seagate launches Exos X Storage Arrays.

Seagate Technology Holdings has introduced its next-generation Exos® X systems, the advanced storage arrays powered by Seagate’s sixth generation controller architecture. The new Exos X systems feature up to twice the performance of the previous generation and enhanced enterprise-class durability. To help protect the stored data, Exos X systems incorporate ADAPT (Advanced Distributed Autonomic Protection Technology) erasure coding solution with Seagate’s innovative self-healing storage technology ADR (Autonomous Drive Regeneration).

The Exos X series is a family of petabyte-scale, rack-mounted block storage enclosures that aggregate and virtualize dozens to hundreds of hard drives and SSDs for maximum data resiliency, availability and performance. Exos X systems are ideal as highly available enterprise storage infrastructure for conventional enterprise data centers as well as private clouds.

Onboard the Exos X storage arrays is Seagate's ADAPT erasure encoding solution that minimizes data redundancy overhead and accelerates recovery time with rapid system rebuilds. Paired with ADAPT, ADR can continuously monitor, diagnose, and automatically rebuild the drives in-place without the need for a manual swap. This allows data centers to reduce physical drive handling, human intervention and computer e-waste.

Additionally, the new VelosCT™ controller enables superior performance up to 725,000 IOPS (I/O per second) at 1ms latency, sequential read speeds up to 12GB/s and writes at 10GB/s. Data centers can take advantage of the hyperscale-class efficiency, simple frictionless deployment, and streamlined data management across a broad range of demanding workload, always-on environments.

“Leveraging Seagate’s unique vertical integration that spans from silicon device design and manufacturing to services, we bring new levels of innovation and value to the enterprise storage systems market,” said Ken Claffey, senior vice president, systems at Seagate. “Featuring the new controller engineered and built by Seagate, the new Exos X systems can achieve a new level of RAID array availability, reliability, and performance for better efficiency while significantly reducing administrative burden. Exos X systems will help our data center customers form a future-proof data management strategy.”

“We are delighted with the introduction of Seagate’s new RAID controller that delivers high performance and cost-effective system solutions,” said Dorin Vanderjack, Vice President and General Manager, Intel U.S. OEM & Strategic Account Sales. “At this time of unprecedented data growth, integrating Intel® Xeon® D Processors with Seagate’s enhanced ASIC-based architecture improves customers’ total cost of ownership and helps drive greater business value from their hardware and from their data.”

"The reliability, speed and availability of data storage are crucial to ensure the integrity of the recordings of our network forensics solution", said Timur Ozcan, founder and CEO of Neox Networks GmbH, a Germany based solution provider and manufacturer of network solutions specializing in network visibility, monitoring, and security. "A data storage problem could compromise the investigation of a cybercrime incident which is something we must avoid. Seagate's Exos X 5U84 came as an obvious choice to best overcome these challenges. With its 5U optimized format and the new RAID controller, our solution can depend on the Seagate Exos system to record and store large sets of data continuously and reliably at a speed of 80Gbps without any packet loss."

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