Freshworks empowers Databricks

The fast growth startup expanded its use of Freshworks’ ITSM platform Freshservice across multiple departments to help employees faster.

Databricks has expanded its use of Freshworks’ ITSM and ESM platform Freshservice® to help support the tripling of its IT workforce which serves Databricks’ 4000+ employees. Freshservice plays a critical role in Databricks’ new hire onboarding and ongoing employee engagement support, helping employees make the most of their work software.


For companies with ambitious hiring plans, utilizing intuitive and easy-to-use software is imperative to recruiting and keeping happy employees. Recent findings from Freshworks’ State of Workplace Technology reports underscore deep employee frustration with workplace software and illuminate the power of simple, intuitive software to engage employees and IT professionals and achieve fast time-to-value.


“As Databricks continues to expand our global workforce, providing a best-in-class employee experience is paramount,” said Ian Kennedy, Director, Corporate Engineering Helpdesk at Databricks. “Freshworks has helped transform how we manage our growing footprint, offering a powerful tool that enables employees across every department to get more done faster.” 


In 2021, Databricks deployed Freshservice for the IT team to manage internal ticketing and employee IT requests. Freshservice automates responses for common inquiries so IT professionals can shift their focus towards scaling their service management. After seeing the IT team’s success, Databricks expanded its Freshservice deployment to provide enterprise service management (ESM) support within HR, legal, security and L&D departments, enabling more efficient processes across departments within the company. For example, the HR team used Freshservice to streamline new hire document processing with Freshservice, eliminating administrative overhead and freeing up time to focus on recruitment.


“Our expansion with Databricks is a prime example of the power of simple, easy-to-use software that improves the employee experience and in turn helps businesses achieve their goals,” said Pradeep Rathinam, Chief Customer Officer at Freshworks. “Far too many companies suffer with complex software that takes too much time and money to manage. We designed these solutions to help our customers avoid that time, cost and frustration.”  


According to Freshservice Service Management Benchmark Report, last year alone, Freshservice helped companies resolve employee tickets 23% faster than the year before, with overall resolution time declining by more than seven hours.

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