RES adopts the Aiimi Insight Engine to deliver data transformation

The AI-powered platform will make 5.7 terabytes of critical historical data easily discoverable and migrate the information to an Azure-hosted archive.

RES (Renewable Energy Systems), the world’s largest independent renewable energy company, has adopted Aiimi’s AI-powered data platform, the Aiimi Insight Engine.

Adoption of the platform follows a period of digital transformation for RES, which has seen the organisation undergo a large-scale cloud migration to Azure. A key component of this ongoing activity requires that the organisation’s legacy Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system be decommissioned, with 3.1 million historical documents and records, pertinent to assets and operational and regulatory requirements, migrated to a new Azure-hosted archive.

Migration to Azure means that RES is also aligned to Microsoft’s commitment to 100% renewable energy for its Azure cloud service by 2025. According to a study by Microsoft, RES will reduce its CO2 impact by 1.6 million kg over five years (2,700 acres of forest would be needed to absorb that CO2) as a direct result of migrating to Azure cloud compared to hosting its applications on-premises.

With approximately 5.7 terabytes of data to migrate, Aiimi presented RES with the capabilities of the Aiimi Insight Engine, which will allow legacy documents, regardless of format, to be enriched with deeper contextual data and made discoverable to users across the organisation. The migration will also enable RES to scale down its data centre requirements and, in the process, replace 27 on-premises servers from three geographies with a single, cloud-based node of the Aiimi Insight Engine.

Jonathan Payne, IT Director, RES, says, “Having delivered world-leading energy projects for more than 40 years, we understand the value of advanced technology and data capabilities for innovation and continuous improvement. The capabilities and potential of the Aiimi Insight Engine align with our ongoing transformation roadmap, which seeks to uncover and harness the true power and potential of advanced data and cloud technology.”

To ensure all information relating to assets is retained and migrated effectively to the Azure-hosted archive, the Aiimi Insight Engine will audit all documents within the legacy ECM system. Through further enrichment steps and classification, the platform will ensure all documents are labelled and made discoverable, allowing all information relevant to projects and regulations to be easily collated and delivered through an efficient and user-friendly process.

Steve Salvin, CEO at Aiimi, says, “Organisations that have existed for decades typically have vast repositories of historical data that must be managed and maintained. For RES, having this information in a discoverable state is crucial to meeting regulatory requirements, maintaining business operations, and future-proofing its data management capabilities. With the Aiimi Insight Engine, RES will enable the past, present, and future of its information to exist within the same data universe, reducing complexity and empowering users.”

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