Druva introduces the Data Resiliency Guarantee of up to $10 million

The new program offers robust protection across all five data risk categories: cyber, human, application, operation and environmental.

Druva Inc. has introduced what it says is the industry’s most comprehensive data resiliency guarantee, and the only program backed by the reliability, security and availability of the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud. The Druva Data Resiliency Guarantee, made possible by Druva’s leading SaaS-based data protection solution and best-in-class service level agreements (SLAs), provides up to $10 million in coverage and guarantees the security, immutability and availability of customers’ data. In adopting the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud, customers can now gain even more confidence that they are protected against a wide variety of data loss and downtime events across five key risk categories: cyber, human, application, operation and environmental.

Cyber attacks and ransomware continue to pose a significant threat to business, however, organizations, and their critical data, face myriad challenges outside of these external threats. Insider threats and under-trained staff are a significant factor in cyber events, while the rising adoption of SaaS business tools increases the potential risk and impact of unplanned outages. Further, as the scope of global climate change continues to expand, business data will only become more susceptible to natural disasters. The Druva Data Resiliency Cloud offers robust coverage designed to meet today’s evolving business landscape; whether it’s providing high levels of uptime, protecting data from unauthorized user access, or ensuring continuous, successful backups readily available for recovery, Druva’s enterprise-grade SaaS platform offers an unmatched level of protection and peace of mind.

“Ransomware protection alone isn’t enough to satisfy the pressures, challenges and speed of modern businesses,” said Jaspreet Singh, Founder and CEO, Druva. “Protecting data from outside attackers should be table stakes at this point but most vendors are simply unable to make stronger commitments given the limitations of their business models. In contrast, our SaaS model offers complete control over the various technology functions and the ability for our team to manage the entire customer experience. Others might guarantee certain protections or performance but we have taken this a step further by expanding our terms, extending our coverage against all five risks with five SLAs, and clearly defining comprehensive coverage for customers - all backed by up to $10 million.”

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