Node4 confirmed as a Microsoft Azure Specialist for ISVs

The announcement builds on Node4’s Azure developments and solutions for ISVs and achievement of Azure Expert MSP status in 2021.

Digital transformation expert Node4 has become a Microsoft Azure Specialist for ISVs. The Managed Service Provider (MSP) is confirmed as just one of a small group of partners in the strategic programme.

Node4 was selected by Microsoft to join the programme following successful projects with healthcare ISVs, including Preventx and Whitespace. Added to its longstanding advocacy of ISVs, DevOps capability and experience in tightly regulated and security-critical sectors, Node4 is ideally placed to help ISVs change, transform and grow.

Azure demand is surging as ISVs transition from software sales to SaaS models or from startup to scale-up. Key to success is application modernisation and agile cloud deployment that guarantees exceptional compliance and continuity. ISVs need Azure’s flexibility and scalability, with the security and support of an MSP.

Microsoft’s programme connects ISVs to select and trusted MSP partners. ISVs take advantage of their partner’s knowledge, experience, strategies and solutions to accelerate Azure migration with peace of mind that their software will thrive in rapidly evolving and uniquely competitive markets. Partners also onboard ISV apps to Azure Marketplace where their offerings can be sold at scale.

Dr Chris Jelley, Chief Technology Officer at Node4 customer Preventx, explains: “Node4 has a strong track record with other healthcare providers and a great deal of experience supporting Azure frameworks. This convinced us Node4 would be an ideal partner.

“In the months since partnering with Node4, we’ve seen huge benefits across our business. Adopting public cloud and Azure Services have delivered a flexible and agile infrastructure – one that’s far more cost-effective and strategic than stacking and then under-utilising physical servers. To anyone in the health sector and beyond questioning the validity and effectiveness of public cloud environments I’d say if you haven’t made the move already, what are you waiting for?”.

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