Druva unveils data posture and observability innovations

Druva has expanded its cyber resilience portfolio with cyber attack readiness innovations, including new capabilities for data posture assessment and observability.

These advanced tools provide customers with a centralized view of their data security posture, deep visibility into data entropy changes, and the ability to assess data risks. Together these innovations enable organizations to move beyond data recoverability to proactively preparing for threats with the industry’s most comprehensive data security insights.

Security teams have made deep investments into infrastructure and application security to prevent security incidents, yet 66 percent of ransomware attacks succeeded in the last year¹. As ransomware losses in the US total more than $49 million² in 2021, according to the FBI, organizations need actionable insights across both primary and secondary environments to combat this ever-growing threat. Security teams are now increasingly focused on taking an inside-out data-centric approach to security and putting emphasis on readiness and recovery.

As the industry’s only SaaS data resiliency platform, Druva delivers an unprecedented depth and breadth of data intelligence. Every day, the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud analyzes telemetry from thousands of businesses across every vertical and company size to identify local and global trends. This data intelligence powers the security posture and data risk insights that are now available to customers. Using Druva’s comprehensive capabilities, customers can better understand today’s data risks and remain attack ready.

“Despite spending more money for products and people to secure their data, organizations are continuing to fall victim to cyber attacks and pay ransoms at an alarming rate,” said Stephen Manley, Chief Technology Officer, Druva. “With new innovations such as global data risk visibility, security posture analysis and end-to-end immutable data retention policies, Druva plays a critical role in defending an enterprise and orchestrating its recovery from attack. With the addition of today’s capabilities to Druva’s leading SaaS data resiliency platform, customers can prepare for and respond to security incidents across their entire environment.”

Druva’s new capabilities offer customers a number of benefits, including:

● Security Command Center: Powered by global data telemetry, organizations gain a centralized view of data and security risks across all workloads in their backup environment

● Security Posture: Customized suggestions to help improve security posture based on an organization’s deployment

● Data Observability: Granular visibility into data changes, access and permissions, as well as admin activities and policy changes to empower incident response and recovery

● Rollback Critical Changes: Address credential compromise and insider threats by restoring critical data even if it was deleted using administrative credentials

● 100% Immutability: A new data lock feature that allows administrators to lock data, making it impossible to alter, with the ability to retrieve it at a later date for compliance purposes through Druva support

Additionally, Druva is continuously innovating and improving its data resiliency platform with bi-weekly updates automatically provided via its 100% SaaS delivery model. The Druva Data Resiliency Cloud operates on a zero-trust security model, ensuring only customers have access to data, while features such as Rollback Actions make it possible to recover data even after it has been deleted. Automated accelerated recovery features restore comprehensive data sets within minutes.

Achieving end-to-end cyber resilience with the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud

City University of Hong Kong is a dynamic, fast-growing university pursuing excellence in research and professional education with 25,000 students and 5,000 staff. As a publicly funded institution, it is committed to nurturing student talents and creating applicable knowledge to support social and economic advancement.

“Our users have high expectations for a world-class university, one that is renowned for its engineering and technology,” said Chris Fung, Senior IT Manager, City University of Hong Kong. “Our data must remain protected from cyber threats, so selecting a comprehensive solution was critical. When choosing the vendor, we had to be certain they had the right security credentials, and once we understood how much Druva invests in security, we were convinced. With Druva, we have complete peace of mind that our data is safe from ransomware.”

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