atNorth launches sustainable GPUaaS solution

atNorth teams up with GPU market leaders to build an all-in-one GPUaaS solution that aims to multiply the capacity, speed, and scale of HPC power for today’s data-hungry AI & HPC businesses.

atNorth, a leading pan-Nordic high-performance colocation, HPC, and AI solutions provider, has announced the availability of its new GPUaaS solution, based on Nvidia’s leading A100 and soon to be available, H100. atNorth has teamed with leading specialist GPU (Graphics Processing Units) partners, including Nvidia and AMD, to offer a one-of-its-kind, all-in-one solution for today’s data-demanding businesses. Its new GPUaaS solution will enable its customers to accelerate deep learning, machine learning, and high-performance computing (HPC) workloads needed for advanced applications where data processing, workload density, and speed are critical.

atNorth has been architecting, building, and operating massive GPU clusters with thousands of state-of-the-art GPU’s working together to tackle the biggest AI & HPC calculations with price point and performance ratio in mind. Its GPUaaS solution will help multiply the speed and scale of high-density computing power for its clients. Additionally, atNorth’s sites use 100% renewable energy - this combined with its ability to use the least amount of energy possible will ensure sustainability and cost-efficiency remain a priority.

At a time when energy prices are soaring and sustainability has moved to the boardroom level, atNorth aims to combine its leading HPC data center capabilities with market-leading GPU and AI software to offer a 360-degree solution, with breakthrough performance and speed that is uniquely competitive to those already on the market.

GPUs are designed for high-density workloads, such as advanced calculations for AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP), scientific simulations, and risk analysis. The nature of these applications, in addition to rising costs associated with using public cloud services and increased pressure on sustainability, has tasked many organizations with the challenge of finding new alternatives to ensure continuity with high-performance applications in a cost-effective and energy-efficient way.

“The speed at which technology innovation is moving is often incalculable, and much of this is due to digitalization and the rise of extreme data-hungry applications to fuel the transformation,” said Guy D’Hauwers, Sales Director - HPC & AI, atNorth. “Today’s data-driven businesses are reinventing the way in which they work and recognize they need a new type of partner that can help them achieve next-generation computing power, with great connectivity and an infrastructure built on high precision and sustainability. Our GPUaaS solution not only multiplies the HPC & AI capacity, delivering an energy and cost-efficient service, but it also operates as a full tech stack solution that does the legwork for our clients so that their data scientists, engineers, developers, and researchers can focus on their increasingly important day job - from building solutions and services to gathering insights.”

atNorth’s new GPUaaS will offer tremendously bigger capacity and computing in an all-in-one tailored service for companies looking to scale with cost-efficiency and sustainability as a priority. atNorth’s sites already deliver massive scale and sustainable total capacity overall at the equivalent of 125,000 A100 GPUs, with plans to double this in the next 12-18 months. As the need for intelligent services continues to grow, GPUaaS is a natural evolution for the data center industry to continue to offer performance at scale with faster insights at lower costs and less energy consumption.

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