Nasuni acquires DBM Cloud Systems' Data Mobility Technology

Acquisition will extend Nasuni’s leadership by enhancing file data migrations, intelligent tiering and multi-cloud support capabilities.

Nasunihas acquired the technology and products of DBM Cloud Systems, Inc. Founded in 2016 by Dixon Doll, Jr., DBM delivers cloud-native data migration technology for hybrid and multi-cloud environments. The acquisition comes on the heels of a $60 million growth equity investment from Sixth Street in March. Dr. Joseph Slember, formerly DBM’s vice president of engineering, has joined Nasuni as vice president of engineering, leading the data mobility team.

Enterprises are aggressively adopting cloud-first approaches to data management in order to strengthen cyber resilience, support hybrid work models and get frictionless scale to meet business needs. Data migration is an important part of any cloud-first strategy. Moving data from legacy file storage systems to the cloud and between clouds has to be frictionless. Since 2021, nearly all companies (93%) have adopted a multi-cloud strategy, according to Accenture, making high-speed data mobility between clouds a critical functionality.

With this acquisition, Nasuni will enhance its data mobility capabilities to provide seamless data migration and enhanced multi-cloud support for its customers so they can effortlessly move data from on-premises to the cloud and between different cloud hyperscalers. The integrated technology will enable Nasuni to enhance its capabilities around data mobility, including:

● Cloud data migration: Migrate petabytes of data from on-premises to the cloud or across public, private or hybrid clouds.

● Intelligent tiering: Automatically shift data across cloud storage tiers to optimize costs.

● Enhanced multi-cloud support: Move and maintain data in close proximity to desired cloud services and applications for optimal performance while minimizing security risk through flexible data portability.

“At DBM, we built technology that automates data migration and management between clouds while simplifying the movement of data among them,” said Slember. “By combining the technology with Nasuni’s file data services platform, users will gain faster file data migrations and more intelligent tiering, saving significant time and costs.”

“The Nasuni File Data Platform includes the world’s only cloud-native global file system that combines file and object storage delivering unlimited scale and capacity and we’ve built strong partnerships with Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud for the backend object storage,” said Paul Flanagan, chief executive officer at Nasuni. “We are making file data migration, tiering and data movement between clouds a frictionless service. Today, enterprises do not want to lock in all their data with a single cloud, but are instead adopting a multi-cloud approach. DBM’s technology and the expertise we’ve gained will enable Nasuni to accelerate and innovate our support for data migration, multi-cloud and data mobility.”

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