Park Place Technologies launches Entuity v20.0

Upgraded on-prem solution features a streamlined user interface, server and storage management capabilities, and 90% noise reduction for customers.

Park Place Technologies has launched a new iteration of its on-prem enterprise network monitoring solution, Entuity v20.0. The new version adds storage performance monitoring out-of-the-box, user-defined polling via REST APIs allowing for enhanced infrastructure and application observability, user extensible alerting via webhooks, as well as a streamlined user interface and support for firmware updates.

Park Place Technologies’ acquisition of Entuity in 2019 brought on a key component to Park Place’s multi-vendor service delivery model, offering customers monitoring, automated maintenance, Network Operations Center (NOC) services, event management, probable cause and IT Data Analytics across a single pane of glass. Entuity v20.0 enhances these offerings with:

● Configuration monitoring and management enhancements: Improved dashboards, filters and reporting options provide more granular insight pertaining to individual configuration changes and policy violations over time and a streamlined configuration management experience.

● Added functionality for managing firmware updates: New functionality enables users to update firmware images across Cisco IOS network devices and manage a directory of IOS images on the current server under an added ‘Firmware’ tab in Configurations.

● New storage performance metrics: Added performance monitoring for storage devices will complement the existing Entuity storage inventory and status polling. New system dashboards used to monitor storage performance include Storage Summary, Storage Device Summary, Hardware (HW) Storage Pool Summary, HW Volume Summary, HW logical unit number (LUN) Summary, and an updated HW Physical Disk Summary.

● Custom webhooks: The ability to add webhooks from any device vendor, application, or service and turn them into custom events via webhook rules.

● Enhanced user-defined REST API Poller: A new user-defined REST API poller enables Entuity users to add support for network devices, software defined platforms and applications that provide data via REST APIs. The poller allows user-defined attributes to be populated via REST API calls and each attribute automatically stores historical stream data.

● Remote poller connectivity enhancements: New functionality enables users to initiate an upstream connection from a polling server out to the consolidation server over standard HTTPS. An improved UI for multi-server configuration caters to the Entuity Version 20 remote poller connectivity enhancements and improvements to useability.

“Support for network devices, software-defined platforms, and applications that provide data via REST APIs will make a big difference for new and upgraded Entuity v20.0 customers,” said David Cramer, President of Software, Managed and Professional Services. “We are enabling customers to build their own API monitoring devices that can pull whatever data they need from virtually any device, platform, application, or website into custom dashboards and reporting templates that will help streamline similar processes in the future.”

Entuity Version 20 was built predominantly based on customer feature requests in line with the Park Place Technologies commitment to customer support and service. New network monitoring customers will be automatically onboarded to Entuity Version 20 while existing Entuity customers have the option to upgrade to the latest version, if they choose.

“Another key piece of Entuity is that it’s on-prem, which makes us a preferred choice for more regulated industries or companies that want to control the environment where Entuity is running. These include government, banking, financial services, higher education, and procurement,” Cramer said. “By early next year, we plan to add a SaaS version of Entuity to our portfolio to capture the customers who prefer a cloud-based network monitoring solution.”

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