Clipper Logistics accelerates customer onboarding

Accelerated retailer and carrier onboarding from months to weeks with efficient integration.

Clipper Logistics is using MuleSoft to improve retail customer and carrier relationships by simplifying onboarding. Clipper Logistics is a UK retail logistics company, offering end-to-end logistics solutions to help retailers reduce complexity and cost in the supply chain, while driving resiliency. Working with MuleSoft implementation partner, Prolifics, Clipper Logistics accelerated the onboarding of new retail and carrier customers from months to just a few weeks. To do this, Clipper used MuleSoft to seamlessly integrate order management systems from retail customers with Clipper’s warehouse management system.

“With e-commerce booming in the last 18 months, many retailers have needed to scale their logistics operations quickly,” said Rebecca Kilduff, CIO, Clipper Logistics. “We needed to easily integrate with our retail customers in a scalable and reliable manner to meet this demand. MuleSoft has allowed us to create reusable APIs and integrations to connect with our customers easily and quickly. That means we’re able to accelerate innovation with our customers and become more competitive in the market.”

Reusing existing capabilities to simplify and speed up customer onboarding

Historically, carrier changes had to be made at a retailer level. With MuleSoft, Clipper is able to make carrier changes centrally, which increases efficiency and empowers the logistics company to create strong relationships with its customers through streamlined processes.

Clipper was able to accelerate innovation by building reusable APIs with MuleSoft. Before MuleSoft, Clipper Logistics relied on custom-coded integrations to complete processes, such as onboarding new customers. This resulted in a lack of standardisation when it came to managing integrations, resulting in costly and more complex onboarding processes.

Clipper has now become a composable business, by building reusable APIs for Orders, Addresses, SKUs, and more. As a composable business, Clipper can quickly build new digital services with existing capabilities built using these APIs instead of creating from scratch each time. This approach has made onboarding simpler and more cost effective, while making Clipper more agile for future projects.

“With MuleSoft, we can meet the needs of the business and our customers faster, which is critical for supply chain efficiency,” added Kilduff.

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