DataCore Swarm Object Storage achieves Veeam Ready qualification

Swarm protects Veeam backups and replicas from ransomware attacks, hardware failures, and accidental deletions across a wide range of standard hardware to mitigate the impact of cyberthreats and supply chain issues.

DataCore Software's Swarm object storage has qualified as a “Veeam Ready-Object” and “Veeam Ready – Object with Immutability” solution by Veeam® Software, the leader in backup, recovery and data management solutions that deliver Modern Data Protection. In an era of almost constant security intrusions, organisations can cost-effectively safeguard their short- and long-term backups by deploying Swarm as the scalable capacity tier for Veeam Backup & Replication®, or Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365. The combined solution enables more frequent backups with less effort at a lower cost, for rapid recovery.

Backup solutions have become the last line of defense from a myriad of scenarios that involve risk of data loss or need for critical data recovery. Each organisation must evaluate how often to back up, and how many backups to retain, given the cost of storing those copies so they can be quickly restored in an emergency. Cloud and tape storage may seem attractive at first but have shortcomings. Cloud storage can lead to surprisingly high monthly bills that compound yearly, while the time to restore critical data may be elongated by internet delays. Low-cost tape-based alternatives can be difficult to manage, and corrupted backups may go undetected and silently stored in tape media. For these reasons, Swarm provides a responsive, on-premises object storage solution at an appealing price point to complement the primary backup layer.

In addition to preventing tampering through immutability, Swarm offers automated self-healing, erasure-coding, and n-way replicas over high-speed networks to provide backup integrity and fast restores. Swarm can be installed on any combination of server hardware using any mix of drive densities and models, enabling organisations to sidestep supply chain constraints. Larger capacity drives may be substituted later within the same chassis to seamlessly increase space within the same data center footprint, leaving Swarm to automatically redistribute the data and balance the load.

For over a decade, leading organisations including the Department of Defense, BT, and Argonne National Laboratory have relied on Swarm to provide scalable data protection. With immutability and continuous protection, Swarm’s patented architecture helps organisations eliminate unnecessary costs and manual management, and protect from malicious attacks, procedural mistakes, and hardware failures.

“Incorrect backup policies and decisions around data storage can quickly chew up an organisation’s data protection budget, waste resources, and unintentionally expose new vulnerabilities,” said Abhijit Dey, Chief Product Officer of DataCore. “Our Swarm object storage product has been rigorously tested and verified as a Veeam Ready offering. This key component of our Data Protection solution enables organizations to cost-effectively secure their backups and recover rapidly at scale, while shielding critical data from cyberthreats.”

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