Maintel forms strategic alliance with Inventory-as-a-Service specialist Agilitas

Maintel outsources 65,000 tech devices to drive stock efficiency and enhance customer experience.

Leading global channel services provider, Agilitas IT Solutions, has announced its successful partnership agreement with trusted provider of Cloud & Managed Communication services, Maintel. By transferring inventory management and stock ownership to Agilitas alongside the responsibility to manage the contract for an initial five years, Maintel is now benefiting from an SLA-based service that it can rely on.

Maintel collaborated with Agilitas to provide a flexible, automated and well-integrated inventory management service that will enable the company to grow and enhance the speed of delivery at scale in-line with their ambitious growth plans. The partnership sees Maintel utilising Agilitas’ advanced Inventory-as-a-Service solution, InventoryAssure+.  The all-inclusive service provides engineering resource coupled with the provision of multi-vendor tech spares to its support customers, as well as the nationwide storage and distribution of all project stock. 

Agilitas’ suite of flexible inventory support options offers comprehensive service levels that ensure maximum ‘uptime’ regardless of technology or geographical location. This resulted in an outsource of its entire hardware infrastructure of over 65,000 technology devices, enabled by Agilitas designing a solution to deliver the service to Maintel in a scalable operating and commercial model. Agilitas’ as-a-service model meant that its services were able to be flexed to meet Maintel’s exact requirements both at an operational and a commercial level. 

Gillian Bailey, Operations Director at Maintel comments on the partnership, “The transition to Agilitas was well planned, managed and executed and even when we had the inevitable teething problems in early life they came to the table with realistic solutions and a ‘can-do’ attitude. Our customers have undoubtedly benefited from this partnership – we were ‘OK’ at logistics prior to the outsource but we lacked automation and a general logistics know-how. However, now that we are working with Agilitas we can see what a real logistics organisation can do in terms of systems, processes, spares profiling and logistics best practice.”

Maintel now has a fully flexible service that supports customers and a commercial model that enables it to control costs in line with revenue and scale according to its evolving business model and customer requirements. The team is now benefitting from a clear link between transition and stock, which is ensuring it can support all customers from day one. The partnership has also delivered Maintel a pricing model that can be utilised to retain existing contracts and acquire new customers - a model that is already proving effective following a series of new contract wins. 

Shaun Lynn, CEO of Agilitas commented, “Automation is at the heart of modern inventory management and working with Maintel represents its transformative power to drive operational efficiency at scale. We are extremely proud of the strong progression and success that the Maintel team are already seeing through this strategic partnership and look forward to continuing our high-quality service that both supports its customers and growth objectives.”

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