Digital.ai delivers intelligent Essential App Protection

Digital.ai has introduced Digital.ai Essential App Protection, a low code, easy-to-use solution that provides a first line of defense against application layer attacks.

Digital.ai Essential App Protection prevents apps from running in unsafe environments while providing timely intelligence into how, when, and where apps are being attacked. Digital.ai Essential App protection is the latest addition to the company’s comprehensive application and data protection portfolio which prevents reverse engineering, code tampering, IP theft, data exfiltration, malware, and more in today’s ever-changing threat landscape.

In recognition of these industry-leading solutions, Digital.ai was today recognised by the Global InfoSec Awards as a “Hot Company in Application Security.” Announced at the 2021 RSA Conference, the Global InfoSec Awards are presented by Cyber Defense Magazine, the industry’s leading electronic information security magazine, and recognise winners for their innovations and focus on attempting to stop tomorrow’s breach, today.

“Application development teams are under increasing pressure to release more code, faster. Too often, this translates to shorter testing cycles which can frequently introduce new security vulnerabilities into production,” said Joseph Krull, Senior Cybersecurity Analyst at Aité Group. “We regularly see apps that lack binary code protection and fail to adhere to best practices for data storage, access, and sharing. The end result is that most apps are vulnerable to a reverse engineering attack from even the most unsophisticated of hackers.”

Digital.ai Essential App Protection provides the visibility needed for Security and DevOps teams to make intelligent decisions about the level and type of application protection needed. The solution rapidly integrates mobile app security into DevOps pipelines without heavy lifting or ongoing management, freeing developers to focus on higher-value activities. Cost-effective and easy to use, Digital.ai Essential App Protection ensures that organisations can quickly scale app protection to every app in their portfolio.

“With app security expertise in short supply, organisations are often limited to protecting only their most critical apps. Not anymore. With Digital.ai Essential App Protection and Digital.ai Premium App Protection, organisations have the solutions they need to embed security right into their DevOps pipeline and protect all their apps, regardless of the organisations’ level of security expertise,” said Aviad Arviv, GM of Security at Digital.ai. “Digital.ai App Protection provides organizations peace of mind that they are protecting their IP and their customers.”

Digital.ai Essential App Protection Features & Benefits:

• Actionable Threat Insights: Take action on timely intelligence into compromised devices with targeted follow-on response and protection updates.

• Runtime self-protection: Detect and prevent app instances running in unsafe environments like rooted or jailbroken devices and debuggers.

• Class encryption: Make it more difficult for attackers to review and analyze decompiled app code for useful information like trade secrets (IP) or security vulnerabilities.

• Easy integration: Use a single script to integrate post-development into CI/CD pipelines and instrument runtime protection.

• Visibility: Threat insights that remove the guesswork out of pinpointing where and how your application is being attacked.

• Low code: Does not require any configuration or source code modification, just a single script in the CI/CD pipeline.

• Compatibility: Platform and language agnostic solution that can protect both iOS and Android apps.

• Extensibility: Upgrade to Premium Application Protection for advanced code tampering, IP theft, and reverse engineering capabilities.

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