Belgium’s Federal Justice Service accelerates digital capability

With 20x faster connectivity, Belgium’s justice system can now hold court hearings and prison visitations remotely and exchange information between services and applications securely.

Extreme Networks, in partnership with security services provider Orange Cyberdefense Belgium, has refreshed the network infrastructure of Belgium’s Federal Public Service (FPS) Justice. The new network offers high speed connectivity across 240 buildings, that is 20 times faster than the previous network, enabling the digitization of the justice system’s services, including court hearings and prison visitations, so they can now all be held remotely. It also enables over 23,000 employees and thousands of users, such as citizens and the police, to securely exchange information and access critical applications, improving operational efficiency.

Key Benefits:

  • Fast and Reliable Network Performance: ExtremeSwitching™ and ExtremeRouting™ technologies have given FPS Justice a robust and reliable network with increased bandwidth that absorbs speed mismatches and handles microbursts while offering high performance. Additionally, Extreme Fabric Connect™ creates a self-healing autonomic networking architecture that allows FPS Justice to perform upgrades and sub-second recovery of real time traffic without any degradation of service or performance.
  • Simplified Network Management: Extreme Fabric Connect provides FPS Justice with a simplified, agile, and resilient infrastructure that makes network configuration and the deployment of new network devices and services much faster and easier for its IT team. Furthermore, it reduces both the risk of human error and the time for maintenance windows thanks to its ability to set and forget the network core during updates
  • Operational Efficiency and Security: Extreme’s Fabric Connect technology boosts operating efficiencies for FPS Justice, reducing the number of engineers required to manage its distributed network from 3 to 1, allowing the wider IT team to focus on other high value tasks. It also allows for the logical separation of consumer IoT devices from the justice system’s corporate technologies and assets to help reduce risk and keep the network secure.
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