Monday, 27th September 2021

SIRP launches SOAR-as-a-Service for SOC teams to streamline incident response management

Enterprises and MSSPs benefit from rapid deployment, scalability and the ability to process megabytes of data at speed .

SIRP has launched its SOAR-as-a-Service offering. The cloud-based model provides a fast, flexible solution for enterprises and MSSPs who can access its single, centralised interface to gain valuable intelligence and context on threats, reducing incident response times from hours to minutes.  


SIRP’s SOAR platform is designed to help organisations struggling with a growing number of security alerts by helping teams decide where incident responders should focus their activity. Its risk-based approach uses machine learning algorithms to assess security data relevancy so teams can make more informed decisions and dramatically reduce response time.  


The SOAR-as-a-Service model empowers teams with rapid provisioning and a scalable infrastructure to cope with high alert volumes. With SIRP’s research revealing that the average SOC receives between 800 and 1,000 alerts daily, the cloud-based platform can process thousands of actions and playbooks a minute. Analysts can also create automation playbooks of manual security processes, so that teams can respond to threats at speed when an incident occurs.  


Users can quickly gain value from the service; the cloud delivery model removes in-house management and maintenance overheads and the flexible licensing model enables organisations of all sizes to have access to incident and vulnerability management, alongside threat intelligence and risk assessment, in a single, cost-effective platform. SIRP supports out-of-box integration with more than 100+ security technologies including EDR, vulnerability management, antimalware, SIEM and threat intelligence tools. SIRP being a no-code SOAR, allows customers to have new integrations available within 72 hours at no additional charge.   


CEO of SIRP, Faiz Shuja comments: “SOC teams are under enormous pressure to manage a vast number of security alerts. With skills shortages and increasing threat levels also placing more demands on them, our SOAR-as-Service offering removes any complexity so that organisations can derive maximum value as quickly as possible. For managed security services providers, this opens up new and ongoing revenue streams as organisations can get up and running quickly. The flexibility and scalability of this ‘pay as you grow’ model means that SOAR is a viable and cost-effective option for organisations of any size”.   


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