Bringing network-wide visibility to SecOps and NetOps teams

Recording a complete and accurate record of network activity lets analysts quickly troubleshoot security threats and performance issues.

Endace and Garland Technology have formed a partnership to deliver deep visibility into network activity for security, network operations, and IT teams.

With the increase of complex hybrid environments and changing network speeds, responding to malicious activity and performance issues has become more challenging. Acquiring accurate packet-level visibility is essential to quickly manage application outages or security threats. By combining Garland Technology’s TAPS, network packet brokers (NPBs), and cloud visibility solutions with Endace’s scalable, high-speed EndaceProbe Analytics Platform, organizations gain packet-level visibility that enables issue resolution in minutes rather than hours or days.

Stuart Wilson, CEO of Endace, said “Partnering with Garland Technology gives our mutual customers across industries such as finance, healthcare, retail, and government an accurate and efficient way to aggregate and record network traffic that scales and adapts as their network requirements evolve. Security and operations teams can mobilize to resolve cyberthreats and performance problems quickly and confidently.”

The EndaceProbe’s open architecture lets organizations integrate recorded network history into all their network security and performance monitoring solutions. Analysts can pivot from an alert in any of their tools directly to the related packet evidence in a single click. This dramatically streamlines and accelerates issue investigation and eliminates the guesswork.

The EndaceProbe platform can host a wide range of software-based security and performance monitoring solutions. Combining this capability with Garland Technology’s network TAPs and packet brokers allow flexible and agile deployment of real-time security and performance monitoring technologies to any point in the network. Customers can, for example, deploy tools like Zeek on their EndaceProbes to analyze traffic from anywhere on the network.

Chris Bihary, CEO / Co-Founder of Garland Technology, said “Our TAP to Tool philosophy focuses on ensuring customers can direct the right data to critical tools for fast investigation and resolution. This complements the EndaceProbe platform’s ability to record traffic and host analysis tools. The combination of Garland Technology and Endace solutions gives our mutual customers efficient visibility into what’s happening anywhere on their physical or hybrid cloud network.”

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