Friday, 4th December 2020

Storage service optimised for large data volumes

3DS OUTSCALE launches Outscale Object Storage (OOS), its large-scale secure storage service.

3DS OUTSCALE, Dassault Systèmes' cloud subsidiary, launches Outscale Object Storage (OOS). This secure, large-scale and resilient storage service allows enterprises to store, manipulate, and access large amounts of data in the cloud via API. In addition to simplifying the management of resources, Outscale Object Storage responds to a major challenge: processing a volume of data that is constantly increasing due to the digital transformation of organisations.

OOS: designed to meet the challenges of the digital economy

The digital transformation of organisations requires the implementation of a good data governance policy. The massive increase in data and the resulting management has become a critical issue for organisations. It's a fact: by 2024, companies’ unstructured data, stored as files or objects, will triple compared to 2019*.

As an object-based storage service in the cloud, capable of managing large amounts of unstructured data (text, multimedia files, web sites and applications, etc.), Outscale Object Storage is the answer to a significant challenge for companies. With a guaranteed durability of 99.9999999999%, Outscale Object Storage is easily accessible from the Internet in HTTPS via REST API requests and compatible with standard market APIs to facilitate its use via standard tools such as Cyberduck, MinIO or S3cmd. Outscale Object Storage is in line with the interoperability principles which are in the DNA of 3DS OUTSCALE and are supported by the GAIA-X initiative.

Finally, the Outscale Object Storage service is based on a sovereign and scalable infrastructure integrating Scality's RING solution for better data management in cloud environments.

"We are delighted to present this new offer to the market. Outscale Object Storage is based on technology by a worldwide leader in data storage software solutions, co-headquartered in Paris and San Francisco. It is the ideal solution for companies that are increasingly confronted with the management of massive amounts of data. Companies will be able to store their sensitive or health data on our cloud in an ever more secure way: indeed, Outscale Object Storage is available in all of our regions, two of which are SecNumCloud certified," says David Chassan, Director of Strategy, 3DS OUTSCALE.

OOS: many capabilities for multiple benefits

Thanks to Outscale Object Storage, organisations' data is automatically replicated for each object on different servers to ensure resilience. In addition, OOS ensures seamless continuity of updates and operations and thus maximum data availability. Outscale Object Storage accommodates large volumes of data of any size and adapts to growing storage needs. As a result, the service can scale in parallel with the data generated by the company. Finally, Outscale Object Storage provides unlimited storage capacity on demand: only the storage actually used is charged, for the exact duration of its use.

Features of the OOS solution:

    • Storage of objects and files in a single system
    • Distributed storage architecture
    • Unlimited scalability
    • Data protection
    • Automatic data replication
    • Compatibility with market standards

Use cases:

    • Data backup management
    • Data archiving
    • Big Data (analytics & data lakes)
    • High Performance Computing (HPC)
    • Log management
    • Cloud-native applications (web/mobile/messaging/email)
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