Speeding up software delivery

Fintech leader’s DevOps implementation drives operational improvement, with additional gains in faster time to market and enhanced repeatable processes to better ensure auditability, security and compliance.

  • 21 Oct 2020 Posted in

Global Fintech leader Broadridge Financial Solutions has leveraged CloudBees Software Delivery Automation solutions to further innovate and deliver products to customers faster with the advanced security, compliance and auditability necessary in a highly competitive and regulated market.

Broadridge, with over $4 billion in revenues, develops software solutions to drive business transformations for the world’s-leading companies and financial institutions. Its development and operations teams use CloudBees CI to deliver systems that automate the entire trade life cycle from handling millions of trades a day to communications that reach 75% of North American households. With CloudBees CI, Broadridge runs a centrally managed yet self-service experience for all development teams using Jenkins. Broadridge is able to continuously deliver new capabilities to customers and respond to market conditions more quickly and nimbly, while enhancing the company’s competitive advantage.

Broadridge delivers a wide range of products supported by a broad range of technologies. It utilizes a proven DevOps solution to help accelerate software delivery and create repeatable, traceable processes that are extended to all software delivery teams.

To keep pace with fast-moving financial markets, Broadridge enhanced its next-generation software delivery process that integrates into its existing infrastructure and tooling. Broadridge further optimized its software delivery process end-to-end with CloudBees CI across teams and technologies while leveraging investments previously made in the tooling and environment.

“This ongoing initiative is part of the overall technology transformation happening at Broadridge designed to improve our products and overall customer experience,” said Ali Mohammed, head of global technology infrastructure services at Broadridge. “The transformation is designed to better help us serve clients as an on-ramp to next-gen technologies and more rapidly help clients optimize their processes.”

Broadridge has a flexible platform that enables innovation across teams and tools, yet also provides for the required repeatability, traceability and security controls. CloudBees CI provides the high level of audit and compliance support that financial services providers, such as Broadridge, require.

Additionally, when Broadridge transitioned its software delivery environment to the cloud, it was seamless to developers. It was still CloudBees CI orchestrating the process and there was no disruption to the software delivery process. Since this is a common pattern for enterprises, to migrate from on-premise to cloud environments, Broadridge is able to support other teams in future cloud migrations.

“Broadridge has fully embraced digital transformation in the context of enterprise complexity and market conditions. They have leveraged the power of CloudBees solutions and expertise to scale continuous integration, continuous delivery and DevOps across many teams already using Jenkins, without leaving behind the purpose-built tools that give teams the freedom to work the way they choose,” said Shawn Ahmed, senior vice president and general manager, Software Delivery Automation, CloudBees. “Broadridge fundamentally understands that developers want to write code and see their creations manifest in production as quickly as possible. They don’t want to be distracted by low-value tasks. Happy developers at Broadridge means higher quality and more secure software delivered faster to its customers, which translates into competitive advantage. Broadridge has an incredible drive to continuously improve and we are proud to partner with them on that journey.”

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