Saturday, 28th November 2020

Second generation UPS is more scalable and flexible

Eaton has introduced the second generation of its Eaton 93PM three-phase Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

The modular and scalable design of the Eaton 93PM G2 enables  operators to grow capacity and power protection in line with business demand, while also enabling the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in its class. Protection, security and business continuity are at the heart of the 93PM G2 UPS range. HotSync and Hot Swap increase availability, it has designed-in safety to reduce electrical risk and cybersecurity and remote monitoring for added protection.


Modular and scalable UPS designs are more flexible, efficient and cost-effective, enabling the customer to choose exactly what power rating they need and incrementally increase it in line with business demand. Growing capacity is easy, efficient and timely thanks to hot swappable power modules, which enable UPS capacity to be increased at any time simply by adding additional modules to the UPS. Units in steps of 50 or 60 kVA can be added without requiring system downtime or affecting the critical load.


“The 93PM range has always focused on the twin drivers of total cost of ownership and highest possible availability,” said Rabbe Johansson, Product Manager at Eaton. “The second generation builds on the success of the earlier 93PM range by adding cybersecurity, hot swap power modules and Eaton’s EnergyAware solution that enables it to help support the drive to renewable energy and bring revenue back into the data centre. Combined, these new features increase efficiency, availability and lower operating costs.”


The 93PM G2 UPS is designed to provide 100% uptime for businesses and critical infrastructure. System availability is increased further by HotSync. In a traditional UPS system, a loss of communication between UPSs would cause it to go on by-pass, effectively removing the backup system, the HotSync capability of the Eaton 93PM G2 eliminates this single point of failure, providing increased reliability.


To increase cybersecurity, the UPS network connectivity is provided by Eaton Gigabit Network Card and Industrial Gateway Card – the first in the industry to receive IEC 62443-4-2 and UL 29001-1 certifications, providing protection against cybersecurity threats.

To further increase availability and safety of the system the Eaton 93PM G2 UPS, like all of Eaton’s premium 3-phase UPS have safety components which are pre-designed, pre-tested and installed as standard.  Eaton provides regulatory compliance and ensures safe use without any additional external devices.


Meeting regulatory compliance with standard built in features protects not only the safety of the electrical system but also the customer from hidden cost which could be in the range of £1-2k per UPS. Eaton Premium 3-Phase UPS come as standard with Static Bypass fuse protection and Back feed protection. Safety is never an option.


The Eaton 93PM G2 has the lowest TCO in its class, thanks to Eaton’s leading technologies that result in higher savings, reduced running costs and can even generate revenue. Double conversion efficiency (up to 97%) lowers operating and cooling costs; replacing an older generation UPS with the Eaton 93PM G2 would give a return on investment within 2-3 years. Eaton’s Energy Saver System (ESS) improves efficiency levels to above 99%, while the Variable Module Management System (VMMS) helps to achieve high efficiency even when UPS load levels are low, which is typical in redundant UPS systems.


Increasing return on investment and competitiveness, the 93PM G2 is an Eaton EnergyAware UPS. This enables it to support the environment and wider use of renewable energy through demand response and ancillary services, positively impacting Corporate Social Responsibility while creating savings and additional revenue – with typical annual returns of up to £45 000 per MW of power allocated to grid support. EnergyAware is conducted in a fail safe and controlled way that does not impact critical load protection.


The Eaton 93PM G2 UPS is compatible with Eaton’s Intelligent Power Management (IPM) software, which monitors and manages the UPS as an integral part of the power and IT infrastructure. Maintenance and servicing are supported by Eaton’s new Remote Monitoring Service, which is built-in as standard and enables a fast response to any power or cybersecurity related threats to the UPS.

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