Tuesday, 20th October 2020

Clueless with cloud?

Despite 99% of IT professionals believing that cloud services are essential to the success of their business, performance concerns remain evident. To identify common drivers and obstacles impacting organisations undergoing cloud transformation, Aptum, the global hybrid multi-cloud and managed service provider, released part one of its four-part Cloud Impact Study.

The initial findings, focusingon overall planning and migration efforts,reveal the main business drivers behind cloud adoption. Survey respondents cited the following reasons:

·Increase efficiency (72%)

·Increase business agility (56%)

·Increasesecurity (51%)

·Business continuity (48%)

·Increasedprofitability (39%)

As the cloud remains a top priority for businesses, it’s evident mostorganisationsare still early in their journey. Key data points to support this include:

·71% have experienced negative effects due to the rate of cloud transformation; 33% cite IT expenditures as the leading cause

·69% oforganisationswant to accelerate their cloud deployments but admit they need expertise and help 

·62% cite complexity and abundance of choice as a hindrance when choosing their cloud strategy

·41% consider themselveson par orlaggingcompetitors in terms of cloudservices

“Cloud is critical to long-term sustainability,withthe rewards and business drivers becoming increasingly apparent,” states Craig Tavares, Global Head of Cloud atAptum.“The results demonstratebusinesses understand this,yet thebarriersare impeding businesses from reaching their goals.Enterprises can reap the full benefits of cloud technologies by partnering withcloud service providerswho canremovethe additional hassle whilealso allowing business leaders to focus on what they do best."

The results call for business leaders to evaluatewhether their current cloud deployments arefullyutilised.Ifthey arenot,they shouldconsiderappropriatecloud service providersto supportbusiness growth and resilience.To see the full findings, please download the reporthere.

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