Sunday, 27th September 2020

In-memory computing platform offers hybrid support

First in-memory computing platform to support a hybrid cluster, provisioned on both on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments with autonomous scaling and advanced microservices deployment mechanisms.

GigaSpaces has released GigaSpaces InsightEdge version 15.5, to simplify and scale hybrid and multi-cloud deployments to empower digital transformation initiatives. GigaSpaces version 15.5 adds new efficiency and automation capabilities to its Ops Manager module for easier monitoring, management and automatic provisioning of resources across all environments, to ensure maximum performance and availability at the optimal cost. The platform also provides smooth testing and deployment of microservices with no management overhead or service disruption.

With version 15.5, GigaSpaces is the only in-memory computing vendor that enables the creation of a hybrid cluster that can be provisioned both on-premise and in a public cloud, eliminating the need for data replication between clusters.

GigaSpaces version 15.5 focuses on three main benefits:

  • Realizing the value of hybrid and multi-cloud deployments: This version introduces new automated provisioning across cloud, on-premise, hybrid and multi-cloud. Depending on the type of applications deployed, customers can choose to scale up for transactions (RDBMS) or out for analytics (NoSQL), and simply manage the resources required, either automatically or with a single click, according to the thresholds defined in the system to ensure application performance levels. This process is automatic without any service disruption.

  • Perfecting microservices: With one-click microservices deployment and schema evolution support, customers can easily introduce new microservices into production, with no downtime, leveraging Canary and Blue-Green strategies. The system’s performance and health are continuously monitored, to ensure that no bottlenecks occur, resulting in an optimal customer experience.

  • Simplified management and operations: Additional no-code one-click connectors are available for more on premise and cloud RDBMS. This automates the data integration process, by discovering the data structure and the tables with their properties, as well as the indexes, eliminating human errors that can be associated with manual mapping. It reduces integration efforts from weeks to virtually a single click. Index Usage is a new GigaSpaces tool that provides out-of-the-box index usage efficiency metrics to simplify the data modeling process, pinpoint problems, and uncover index optimization opportunities.

“Our customers are accelerating their digital transformation initiatives and moving processes and services from offline to online,” said Yoav Einav, Vice President Product at GigaSpaces. “With version 15.5 we continue to deliver on our goal to simplify deployments and management across all environments including hybrid and multi-cloud with smart monitoring and automatic scaling to ensure the highest service levels even during unplanned peaks, while eliminating time consuming manual operations and resource overprovisioning.”

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