Thursday, 3rd December 2020

Thy-Mors Energi Elnet increases data quality and professionalises its IT system

The Danish electric utility distribution company Thy-Mors Energi Elnet has received great help from the software house Powel to professionalise its data quality and IT setup, allowing it to meet current complex challenges in the power grid.

These advancements are of great value for Thy-Mors Energi Elnet, which has carried out a significant operational turnaround over the past two years.

“We can work far more efficiently and achieve higher-quality results. We now have a modern, future-ready IT system, and we look forward to developing the way we work in the field too,” says Kristian Tilsted, CTO of Thy-Mors Energi Elnet A/S.

In recent years Thy-Mors has worked hard toward its goal of a complete digitalised power grid, a central part of the ‘Digital Twin strategy.’

Inaccurate analyses and clunky manual processes
Powel employs both software developers and consultants, who have collaborated with Thy-Mors Energi Elnet to modernise their work.

Previously, data of the grid was split over several solutions, which had to be operated in part using clunky manual processes. Calculations and web analytics were hard to make because some systems were not updated.

Registered the grid in ArcGIS
The turnaround started with a complete online registration in ArcGIS, with support for the following business processes:

  • Automated map generation for dig requests
  • Valuation
  • Grid planning and calculation
  • Grid operation and ADMS
  • Maintenance and reinvestment

This work required close collaboration between Thy-Mors Energi Elnet and Powel’s consultants.

“We had to figure out what data was at our disposal and how the conversion would ensure optimal utilisation of the data. Through this clarification, we found that it was possible to establish an overall registration with good data quality in ArcGIS,” says Jens Dalsgaard, Principal Business Process Consultant at Powel.

Powel delivered a migration leading to minimal manual follow-up:

  • Updates to specific transformer assemblies, such as a new transformer or a new input.
  • The standardisation of cable data – underground conductors, had previously been assigned different names in the system complicating use in various business processes.
  • Service lines, the registration of which had been lagging.

Grid companies face increasingly strict demands

Since ArcGIS was a new system for many Thy-Mors Energi Elnet employees, Powel conducted training on using its standard functions. The consultants were also teaching the employees in other Powel solutions the Danish company has implemented in this process.

“Our goal was clear. We had to achieve top-notch data quality within a short period – and we have succeeded. The work was necessary to meet the increasingly tough demands imposed on us as a result of the electrification of society,” says Kristian Tilsted.

Thy-Mors Energi Elnetwill soon have access to a tailored web interface with up-to-date and detailed information about its grid, including dedicated tools for maintaining the data.

“It’s been great to work with the management team and employees of Thy-Mors Energi Elnet. In a short time, they have taken great strides towards achieving a modern IT setup and efficient working. They’re now much better prepared for the future than they were two years ago,” says Powel’s Jens Dalsgaard.

Adopting field solutions is the next step
Powel delivers easy-to-use field applications, which the Danish energy company also wishes to adopt.

"The applications make it easy for utility workers to register the grid while they're in the field. After all, no one knows the grid better than these workers. Another advantage is that the data automatically is stored in our large operating systems, which improves quality and reduces the chance of errors."
"We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Powel," says Kristian Tilsted of Thy-Mors Energi Elnet.

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