Monday, 28th September 2020

Informatica and Google Cloud expand strategic partnership

New joint go-to-market initiative will accelerate cloud analytics with BigQuery and Robust, proven SAP integrations.

Informaticahas expanded its strategic partnership with Google Cloud, including a new joint go-to-market initiative to accelerate analytics with BigQuery and SAP on Google Cloud. Additionally, Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace and Informatica Change Data Capture (CDC) will integrate with BigQuery.

IICS, the industry’s leading enterprise iPaaS (integration platform as a service), is the industry’s most modern, comprehensive, microservices-based, API-driven and AI-powered iPaaS, offering the highest enterprise scale and trust. IICS can now be used to develop, execute, and govern SAP data integration to BigQuery from on-premises and cloud-based SAP sources. Using IICS provides SAP customers with a fast, secure way to integrate SAP data into BigQuery.

“Businesses are increasingly looking to the cloud not only to run their existing SAP applications, but to begin to derive greater value out of their SAP data,” said Snehanshu Shah, Managing Director for SAP at Google Cloud. “We are excited to extend our strategic partnership with Informatica, an industry leader in enterprise data integration tooling, to provide IICS and Data Integration Services to these organisations.”

Informatica, Google Cloud and America’s SAP User Group (ASUG) will host a webinar on August 11, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. PT on “Accelerating Smart Analytics for SAP: Integrating SAP and Google Cloud.” Registration details can be found here.

Additionally, because IICS is available on the Google Cloud Marketplace, deployment and billing is now fully integrated for Google Cloud customers – they can use Google Cloud credits to acquire IICS.

New CDC support for BigQuery will also further enable enterprises using Google Cloud to easily modernise their data warehouses with BigQuery incorporating Informatica’s industry-leading tools. By modernising data warehouses, organisations can maximise the value of cloud analytics projects and deliver trusted insights for faster and more efficient business decisions.

Informatica Cloud service provides the following key features to support BigQuery as a CDC target, eliminating earlier complexities faced by customers during their journey to implement CDC on Google Cloud:

  • Ease of Use: There is no learning curve for users leveraging this feature as it’s just a click at runtime to change default mapping running mode from batch to CDC. By simply changing the mode from batch to CDC, users can change the behavior of their DI mapping to run in CDC mode for writing only changed data to BigQuery.
  • Ensures Full Recovery: Unlike most other vendors, Informatica Cloud platform does not use intermediate staging locations or files for recovery. The IICS connector creates temporary state tables within BigQuery to ensure accuracy and data recovery in case of job failure.
  • Transformations/Expressions: With a wide range of transformations and expressions available for users to implement their business logic, Informatica’s new CDC target support automatically inherits these integration capabilities and empowers the user to leverage them in their CDC workloads.
“Our strengthened partnership with Google Cloud provides our customers with flexible solutions to power their data-driven digital transformations on Google Cloud Platform,” said Rik Tamm-Daniels, VP, Strategic Ecosystems and Technology at Informatica. “Our joint customer base is growing monthly and we have been working alongside Google Cloud to support our customers and ensure they have the powerful solutions they need to drive innovation.”
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