Sunday, 12th July 2020

Alteryx introduces Analytics Hub and Intelligence Suite

Alteryx has introduced new product innovations that deliver the ease-of-use and performance the platform is known for, including Alteryx Analytics Hub, a new product to extend the power and value of the Alteryx APA Platform, and Alteryx Intelligence Suite, a new predictive modelling add-on for Alteryx Designer. Both offerings help fuel rapid digital transformation by delivering on the promise of APA, transforming how businesses leverage their data assets, optimise their processes and upskill talent in a unified, human-centred platform.

“Quality data insights are no longer a nice-to-have; they are a must-have for data workers in all parts of an organisation. The innovation in our latest release places the power of discovery and prediction into the hands of all data workers, without technical acumen or specialised skills. Making data accessible to anyone, removing tedious manual processes and helping people learn inside the platform allows organisations to make better decisions faster,” said Alan Gibson, vice president EMEA at Alteryx. “These innovations are a direct result of the feedback we received from our customers and community members, and we are excited to see how they further advance their skills to tackle increasingly complex analytic challenges.”

Shareable, Centralised Analytics

Analytics Hub consolidates analytic assets into one secure, scalable and intuitive platform. While the Alteryx APA Platform already helps scores of businesses solve complex problems by unifying analytics, data science and business process automation, the Analytics Hub also allows data workers to share and collaborate across teams. This eliminates silos that hold back transformation across an organisation. Regardless of data expertise, Analytics Hub takes users from data discovery, to insight, to action while automating repetitive, time-consuming data processes. With Analytics Hub, the time from data to decision is rapid, and flexible deployment (cloud, on-site, or using a multi-node environment) means organisations can scale the platform with ease.

“Our product engineering teams are relentlessly focussed on building products and capabilities with an extensibility-first mindset,” said Derek Knudsen, chief technology officer of Alteryx. “Analytics Hub, as an example, has more than 250 APIs, which means third parties can build innovative features on top of the Alteryx APA Platform. The result for businesses is even more powerful, flexible APA solutions.”

Upskill Human Talent

Intelligence Suite, a new offering and part of the Alteryx APA Platform (2020.2) update, works with Analytics Hub and Alteryx Designer, and helps users without a data science background easily build their own predictive models. By leveraging Assisted Modelling capabilities, a user that has never previously constructed a predictive model can create an end-to-end machine learning pipeline in just minutes—and build the skills to produce models in the future. This enables data workers in any line of business to spend more of their time asking questions of the data, armed with the calibre of explainable, predictive insights that ultimately give companies a competitive edge.

“I had never built a model before I launched Assisted Modelling and at the end, had created a model with 95 percent accuracy,” said Neal Thomas, senior business consultant at a Fortune 50 healthcare company. “I can start building a model myself, instead of waiting for someone else to build it, and can have it done in an hour. The things you can do in a day with Alteryx blows my mind.”

“This is designed with the end-user in mind,” said Chris McEleavey, technical lead at Bulien. “You don’t need any coding; it fits beautifully within Alteryx itself and any user would be able to use Assisted Modelling.”

Intelligence Suite helps build and reinforce datasets, making it easy to extract and import data from traditionally difficult data sources such as PDFs and images. This gives in-house analysts the ability to leverage valuable data to drive comprehensive insights back to the business.

Parallel Processes

2020.2 also introduces the new Alteryx Multithreaded Processing (AMP) Engine, allowing multiple threads of a process to execute simultaneously. The AMP Engine delivers greater efficiencies on larger datasets and complex processes. This gives workers the ability to have multiple projects running simultaneously, which saves time and frees them up to focus on the next analytic challenge.

Key features and highlights of 2020.2 include:

  • Share schedules and job results with users:Scale analytics through scheduled workflows
  • New Active Directory integration in Connect:Leverage existing Windows Active Directory user management system to update contacts all in one place
  • Holistic Data Profiling enhancements: The Browse tool will display top five values for every column of data and improve data’s shape, usability and ability to drill down into the details
  • Date Time Tool: Easily convert international dates and times to localise data seamlessly for analysation in a more relevant format without manual updating
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