Sunday, 12th July 2020

NetApp deploys Iguazio's Data Science Platform to optimise storage management

Data Science Platform boosts infrastructure behind NetApp’s Active IQ solution, responding in real-time to 10 trillion data points per month collected from storage controllers globally, providing actionable intelligence for predictive maintenance and optimal data management.

NetApp is using Uguazio's platform to analyze 10 trillion data points per month, to automate the support and optimization of storage.

NetApp’s Active IQ uses predictive analytics to automate the proactive care and optimization of storage controllers owned by customers around the world. NetApp wanted to build a digital advisor that uses AI at scale and in real-time to continually gain insights on these devices and conduct predictive maintenance on storage, while constantly learning and getting smarter over time. Iguazio has implemented similar predictive maintenance solutions for other customers in the past.

Previously built on Hadoop, NetApp was also looking to modernize the service infrastructure to reduce the complexities of deploying new AI services and the costs of running large-scale analytics. In addition, the shift was needed to enable real-time predictive AI, and to abstract deployment, allowing the technology to run on multi-cloud or on premises seamlessly.

NetApp turned to Iguazio to replace their traditional data warehouse and Hadoop-based data lake with a Kubernetes-powered, cloud-native, serverless data science platform which can analyze massive amounts of data in real-time.

The platform is deployed both in the cloud and on-premises on NetApp’s Cloud Volumes and NetApp’s All Flash Storage, driving the following gains in cost reduction and accelerated time to market:

·50% reduction in operating costs

·16x storage capacity reduction

·3-6x fewer compute nodes

·6-12x improvement in time to develop and deploy new AI services

“Iguazio reduces the complexities of MLOps at scale and provides us with an end-to-end solution for the entire data science lifecycle with enterprise support, which is exactly what we were after”, said Shankar Pasupathy, Chief Architect for Active IQ at NetApp.

Biren Fondekar, Chief Transformation Officer at NetApp added, “We have successfully implemented the Iguazio data science platform at NetApp and are already seeing results beyond expectation.”

“We were delighted to be able to provide such value so quickly”, said Asaf Somekh, Iguazio’s Co-Founder and CEO. “Active IQ is a role model for how IT Services should be delivered, proactively protecting and optimizing the customers’ infrastructure through real-time predictive maintenance.”

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