Monday, 25th May 2020

Tufin Expands security automation capabilities

Latest release of Tufin Orchestration Suite extends market-leading automation of next-generation firewall security policy management.

Tufin has introduced Tufin Orchestration Suite R20-1, which will help organizations gain further control and visibility of their network security with the ability to block risky services that could lead to network intrusion.

The latest release accelerates incident response with an automated process for blocking services that may be leveraged for unauthorized activity on the network. In the event that a risky service has been identified, customers will now be able to identify all rules that allow inbound traffic to the service and automate the proactive filtering of the risky service in the relevant environments.

While enabling rapid response to security incidents, release R20-1 also enhances business agility and expedites change deployment timelines by automating the process to modify existing rules to allow new services that may be required by business processes and applications.

“Now more than ever, with the surge in remote work, network security engineers are faced with major challenges in keeping their networks secure and their organizations agile,” said Ofer Or, Vice President of Products at Tufin. “The latest release of Tufin Orchestration Suite speaks to this need by enhancing our security automation capabilities. We’re excited to offer customers yet one more feature that helps them do more with less.”

Trusted Automation and Accurate Connectivity Troubleshooting for IPv6 Networks

As organizations migrate to IPv6 networks to enable IoT and 5G initiatives, Tufin continues to enhance its automation capabilities to support customers leveraging these networks. With its latest release, Tufin adds IPv6 support for Fortinet customers to provide advanced topology analysis and accurate path calculations.

As a result, Fortinet users of IPv6 networks are now able to achieve end-to-end automation of network and firewall changes in SecureChange, accelerate connectivity troubleshooting in SecureTrack, and save time and efforts of planning changes and running “what if” analysis by leveraging an accurate network topology map in SecureTrack.

Continued Market-Leading Support for Next-Generation Firewall Platforms

The new release includes several updates that strengthen Tufin’s support for next-generation firewall policies, focusing on Cisco Firepower and Palo Alto Networks.

Tufin customers using Cisco Firepower can now boost agility and productivity with change automation for Firepower zone-to-zone configured rules. Customers can also optimize firewall policies based on accurate traffic/usage analysis and tighten security by replacing over-permissive rules.

With enhanced support for Palo Alto Networks Dynamic Address Groups (DAGs), customers can now monitor dynamic changes to network address groups from a central console to ensure continuous compliance and audit readiness, and to troubleshoot security issues.

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