Saturday, 31st July 2021

Setting new standards for SAP?

SIOS Protection Suite for Linux version 9.5 introduces advanced automation and intelligent application availability that make it the most comprehensive, out-of-the-box SAP HANA clustering software in the industry.

SIOS Technology has introduced SIOS Protection Suite for Linux version 9.5 clustering software, featuring advanced automation and application-aware monitoring and failover orchestration that make creating and managing HA clusters in complex SAP S/4HANA environments easy and error free for enterprises, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and cloud providers.

SAP S/4HANA environments comprise multiple services that need to be maintained in the right locations and started up in the right order. Manually configuring and managing clusters in these complex environments can be time-consuming and prone to human errors that increase the risk of catastrophic downtime and data loss.

The newly available SIOS Protection Suite version 9.5 includes intelligent application availability tools and utilities that automate configuration, validate user input, provide application monitoring and ensure that failover automatically complies with application best-practices.

“HA is complex for simple systems. With complicated and intricate SAP environments it can be a monstrous task. Eliminating the need for manual setup, scripting and specialized skills is essential in minimizing inherent risk of error,” said Michael Bilancieri, SVP Products and Marketing, SIOS Technology. “For the first time, companies can confidently migrate their SAP environments to the cloud and meet strict availability SLAs with a single comprehensive solution designed exclusively for SAP S/4HANA. Application Intelligence is the key to ensuring rapid identification and recovery of issues and minimizing risk of failed recoveries. This is also critical in ensuring we employ the right mode of recovery for any given issue - HA is not a one-size-fits-all solution.”

New system cloning capabilities enable easy deployment of SIOS clusters to protect any application using consistent, predefined settings and integrated best practices. “Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Cloud providers and enterprises looking to offer HA as part of their standard configurations can use the cloning feature to automatically provision multiple SIOS clusters quickly and easily,” said Bilancieri. “It also gives SMEs an easy way to deploy a single SIOS cluster in a predefined configuration.”

SIOS Protection Suite for Linux

SIOS Protection Suite for Linux enables businesses to create a high availability cluster quickly and easily to protect any application, including SQL Server, Oracle, SAP and S/4HANA, in a tightly integrated combination of failover clustering, continuous application monitoring, data replication and configurable recovery policies to protect your business-critical applications from downtime and disasters.

SIOS Protection Suite for Linux, includes:

·SIOS LifeKeeper - Flexible failover clustering software that monitors the entire application stack and orchestrates application-aware failover.

·SIOS DataKeeper – Fast, efficient host-based, block level data replication for mirroring local storage in a SANless cluster configuration or replicating to remote locations or cloud for disaster recovery.

·Application Recovery Kits (ARKs) - Extensions to SIOS LifeKeeper that integrate with applications to provide intelligent methods for simplifying setup, automating manual tasks and handling diverse application recovery events. They detect application level failures and ensure applications-specific best practices are maintained throughout the failover process.

The 9.5 version of SIOS Protection Suite for Linux expands SIOS’ extensive support matrix to include support for the latest Linux operating systems and databases, including RHEL 8.1, CentOS 8.0, CentOS 8.1, Oracle 8.0, Oracle 8.1.

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