Saturday, 4th July 2020

NVMe performance for industrial applications

Innodisk first to bring true NVM Express performance to flash storage devices ready for demanding industrial applications.

Industrial applications have lagged behind in NVMe adoption for too long. The demand for high-performance flash storage devices in industrial applications has never been greater, yet NVMe devices have failed in achieving satisfactory performance and durability in such applications¤

With Innodisk´s pioneering industrial NVMe product lineup, true NVMe performance is finally available in products optimized for tough industrial use.

Uncompromised Industrial Performance
Industrial applications have used NVMe flash storage devices for some time, but performance still disappoints. While the blazing-fast write speeds that NVMe promises are possible in short spurts, average write speeds remain slow.

Innodisk´s industrial-grade NVMe flash storage devices provide a dual performance mode, enabling top performance and stable performance when other devices can only deliver one or the other. Made possible by Innodisk´s advanced firmware technology, it brings a new era of high-speed write performance to industrial applications.

Innodisk´s high and stable NVMe performance (right) compared to an industrial DRAMless Gen. 3 x4 NVMe storage device from another manufacturer (left) in a room temperature test with out-of-box devices.

To illustrate, in a write speed test between Innodisk´s 3TE6 NVMe 1 TB M.2 SSD and a comparable industrial 1 TB NVMe SSD from another manufacturer, Innodisk's 3TE6 held an average write speed of 1 GB/s with minimal variations in write speed. Meanwhile, the other manufacturer´s device suffered two significant performance drops, experienced much larger changes in write speed, and only achieved an average write speed of 380 MB/s.

The excellent dual performance of Innodisk´s NVMe flash storage devices extends to wide-temperature environments as well, ensuring high and stable performance even in extreme temperatures.

Devices for All Industrial Applications
Innodisk´s NVMe products are available across M.2 2242 & 2280, CFexpress, and NanoSSD form factors, with PCIe Gen. 3 and upcoming Gen. 4 interfaces. Combined with capacities up to 2 TB, industry-leading security features, wide temperature-ready designs, and stable long-term supply, Innodisk´s NVMe products are ideal for industrial use and available today.

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