Resolving multi-cloud bottlenecks

Komprise has introduced its Elastic Data Migration solution.

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Custom designed to address the critical migration issues IT faces today—speed, reliability, accuracy, and cost—this super-fast migration solution uses a highly parallelized, multi-processing, multi-threaded approach. With these latest enhancements,  customers can migrate data across heterogeneous storage and cloud environments more than six times faster than the status quo—at less than half the cost. Businesses will benefit most when migrating data between their Network Attached Storage (NAS) and the cloud, or from cloud to cloud, because it’s optimised to address latency across wireless area networks (WAN).

A typical data migration process can be laborious, error-prone, and time-consuming, especially for unstructured data. Migrating unstructured data to the cloud has additional complexities from using the internet or WANs, which often have lower speed and reliability. This makes WAN-optimised data migration that can efficiently handle high latencies and outages a must. Until now, this has been a barrier for companies pursuing a multi-cloud strategy, especially where network quality is an issue. Komprise Elastic Data Migration enables enterprises to run, monitor, and manage hundreds of migrations simultaneously, while minimising the time spent on these to free up resources elsewhere. Komprise’s Elastic Data Migration solution removes the latency hurdle for enterprises ready to adopt a multi-cloud strategy.


“Komprise Elastic Data Migration minimises migration downtime by using analytics to identify the right files to move, maximising data migration efficiency,” says Kumar Goswami, CEO at Komprise. “Gartner noted in 2019 that bad data management leads to spiralling storage costs. IT doesn’t have a storage problem, it has a data management problem. Elastic Data Migration is the answer, available either as a stand-alone solution or a component of Komprise Intelligent Data Management platform, which addresses all your data management needs.” 

Komprise Elastic Data Migration outperforms existing enterprise migration tools at under half the cost. The latest enhancements include:

  • Parallelism at every level: Maximises the use of available resources by using parallelism at multiple levels—shares and volumes, directories, files, and threads—to maximise performance. Komprise Elastic Data Migration automatically adapts and manages its parallelism to adjust to the available resources.

  • Protocol optimised to minimise overhead: Minimises the round-trip time over the protocol during a migration to eliminate unnecessary chatter. Rather than relying on generic protocol clients, Komprise is fine-tuned to minimise overhead for each protocol, especially beneficial when moving data over slower networks, such as WANs.  

  • High-fidelity with MD5 check of each file/object: Ensures your data is migrated with all its permissions, metadata, and ACLs intact across different storage environments that may support permissions and metadata differently. Komprise performs and reports on data integrity of each file or object through MD5 Checksums.

  • Intuitive graphical user interface and API-driven: Businesses often run multiple migrations in parallel. Komprise provides an intuitive UI that enables you to run, monitor, and manage hundreds of data migrations simultaneously. Komprise also provides API access to schedule and manage data migrations programmatically.

  • Reliable, worry-free migrations: Automatically retries due to network failures and eliminates the guesswork and intensive manual effort of traditional solutions.

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