Saturday, 24th October 2020

Accelerating WANs

Clevernet has introduced its Simultaneous Multi-Path (SMP) software platform, which improves the performance, reliability and security of public and private WAN connections.

The AI-based platform is designed for organizations that need to transfer files quickly and securely. It can be deployed seamlessly, without the need for additional infrastructure, across physical sites, site to cloud and cloud to cloud.

"At Wayra, we invest in technology startups that follow Telefonica's core business strategies,” said Paloma Castellano, Director of Wayra Madrid. “We focus on startups that can provide innovative solutions to over 350 million of our customers worldwide. Clevernet uses AI, cryptography and parallel computing technologies for internet communication, making it significantly faster and more secure. This is an excellent example of a startup that provides daily value for Telefonica and our customers.”

In collaboration with Wayra, Clevernet has already tested its solution in Spain and Latin America with Telefónica Business Solutions (TBS).

Another example is Summus Render, a Spanish media company that uses Clevernet on their cloud-based platform, Simple Cloud, to improve the velocity, reliability and stability of file transfers in WAN connections.

“Our customers depend on Simple Cloud to create digital content and rendering used in animation, visual effects, advertising, video games, architecture, construction, engineering, and for educational purposes,” said Sergio Gonzalez, President and Co-Founder of Summus Render. “With the Clevernet platform, SimpleCloud has improved up to 10 times the speed of access between different IBM Cloud Data Centers and allows us to more easily move large amounts of data between remote sites.”

“By intelligently using different paths in the network simultaneously, Clevernet provides unparalleled throughput, improves reliability and guarantees file transfers,” said Mario Nemirovsky, Clevernet CEO and Co-Founder. “By leveraging all of your paid internet connections – not just the path chosen by the TCP protocol – our customers significantly reduce downtime and protect their data while getting more of the bandwidth they pay for.”

How Clevernet Works

The Clevernet platform makes effective use of your bandwidth by selecting optimal paths for connections. This improves internet speed up to 25X and tightly secures data in motion.

Clevernet uses artificial intelligence to prioritize, adapt and optimize network traffic. Clevernet combines three key technologies to deliver a robust, reliable and secure SMP engine.

  • Dynamically control SMP to intelligently steer traffic over the best network paths;
  • Analyze end user behavior to further optimize the user experience;
  • Continually hunt for new paths using artificial intelligence to identify and predict network issues, thereby also enhancing network resiliency.

Combined, the technology identifies and creates numerous optimal paths over the Internet. TCP flows are then split into many individually encrypted sub-flows that follow these paths simultaneously. This enables Clevernet to transfer data more quickly and securely. The latter eliminates any risk of man-in-the-middle attacks since sub-flows are sent through different connections. In addition, Clevernet fortifies reliability while improving end-to-end performance of the enterprise’s internet connection.

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