Scale Computing delivers for government sector

Municipalities faced with growing populations and budget limitations choose HC3 for its ease of use, high availability, and scalability.

Scale Computing has given details of continued momentum within the government sector. With its affordability, ease of use and scalability,Scale Computing HC3provides government municipalities an all-in-one, appliance-based system to simplify their IT operations.

Often supporting a number of departments, municipalities face unique IT challenges related to limitations on budgets and resources including a lack of dedicated IT staff. These challenges become more prominent as cities grow, increasing the need for additional resources. As a result, municipal IT infrastructures need to becost-effective, responsive, simple, scalable and must include disaster recovery.

Located in Wisconsin,the City of Pewaukeegovernment chose Scale Computing HC3 in its search for a solution able to improve disaster recovery, replace aging hardware and reduce operational costs. Since deploying HC3, the City of Pewaukee saw improved availability of critical workloads and scalability of infrastructure, along with a 10-24% reduction in the amount of time the city’s IT staff spent managing their infrastructure.

“Scale Computing HC3 gave us much-needed hard drive space, increasing a VM’s hard drive space down from about 25 minutes to less than 10 minutes. The overall speed increase in regular production is also noticeable,” said Bobby Kewan, IT director, City of Pewaukee.

With only two IT personnel, theCity of Havre de Gracein Maryland was also looking to replace aging hardware to better service the city’s 13,000 residents. Situated at the head of the Chesapeake Bay, the City of Havre de Grace turned to Scale Computing HC3, to increase the availability of virtual machines, reliability and single-vendor support.

“Scale Computing’s easy to understand dashboard makes monitoring system performance and resources a no-brainer. In addition, creating a new VM is a snap! Our prior HP Hyper-V node/SAN was far more complicated to manage,” said Jeff Thompson, IT manager, Havre de Grace, Maryland. ”We love Scale Computing and look forward to being a customer for many years to come!”

Nestled between the Mississippi and Sauk rivers, theCity of St. Cloudis the 10th largest city in Minnesota with a population of more than 66,000 people. As residents continued to move into the area, the City of St. Cloud needed to update its public services to reflect the city’s growth in a cost-effective, responsive, innovative and professional manner.

Previously, City of St. Cloud deployed alegacy virtualisation systemfor its IT infrastructure to handle services throughout the city. As the city began a three-year project launching a new ERP solution to handle core finance, HR, payroll, utility billing and community development applications, they turned to Scale Computing HC3 for its affordability, simplicity and low latency.

“The ease of deployment and upgrades allows us to focus our time on working on the servers as compared to the virtual environment the servers exist in. Not having to deal with multiple vendors when an issue does arise, allows us to focus in on the issues, rather than contact a vendor to determine if the issue is with their component, or another component,” said Andrew Neussendorfer, software developer and IS technical support, City of St. Cloud.

Municipalities are often serviced by a small IT staff with a limited budget. By avoiding the high cost of managing overly complex infrastructure systems, IT departments are able to redirect their funds towards better operational processes and the software solutions they need.Scale Computing HC3 platformbrings storage, servers, virtualisation and management together in a single, comprehensive system that provides an innovative and highly reliable solution.

“City governments face the unique IT challenges of supporting various critical departments necessary to successfully manage a city. From emergency services to waste disposal and roadway maintenance, city budgets need to stretch far while keeping costs affordable,” said Jeff Ready, CEO and co-founder, Scale Computing. “With the simplicity of Scale Computing HC3, IT administrators can keep costs and management to a minimum, which then repurposes valuable time needed on other projects.”

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