Tuesday, 22nd September 2020

Smarter identity management

ForgeRock and Accenture collaborate to improve Identity Management and Governance using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help clients reduce risk and increase efficiency

ForgeRock®, the leading provider in digital identity, today announced ForgeRock Autonomous Identity, a new capability designed to create a smarter AI-driven identity management and governance solution. The company’s autonomous identity capability was made possible through a collaboration with Accenture Security, who developed and incubated the technology at Accenture’s flagship R&D and global innovation center called “The Dock.”

Powered by analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, the new solution is designed to automate more of the access request, access certification, and provisioning processes to keep workforces more productive and organizations more secure. The solution saves decision-makers time by predicting the best level of entitlement for individuals and provides a confidence score and justification to make granting access easier. For example, after extensive testing at a large healthcare organization, this capability demonstrated potential annual savings of over $10 million and hundreds of thousands of hours.

“Our customers agree that identity management and governance deployments are too burdensome. By teaming up with Accenture we’re delivering a modern approach that leans on automation to help customers stay compliant and keep their workforces productive,” said Fran Rosch, chief executive officer at ForgeRock. “At ForgeRock, the introduction of AI and ML to automate governance is just the beginning. We believe the next era of digital identity will be defined by new solutions that are smart, automated and harness the power of data.”

A Collaborative Design Approach: ForgeRock and Accenture

Audit teams must ensure employees have access only to systems that are necessary for their job. That task is difficult for organizations facing constant change as people join and leave, take new roles or switch projects. Traditional methods to ensure access has been properly granted are static, do not scale nor provide actionable insights. These outdated methods require thousands of hours to manage in large organizations and often result in overprovisioning rather than improving security. The ForgeRock Autonomous Identity solutions is designed to address these problems.

“With the growing volume of access rights that must be administered across thousands of employees and applications, many organizations struggle to manage and secure the fluid nature of user privileges,” said Rex Thexton, managing director, global Applied Cybersecurity Services lead at Accenture Security. “Through this collaboration with ForgeRock, we will work together to help clients achieve cyber resilience by leveraging an innovative, automated, and simple permissions solution that can proactively identify risks and increase efficiency across an organization’s entire network.”

The Solution: Easy as 1, 2, 3

ForgeRock Autonomous Identity leverages AI and ML for customers to review and take action across the entire entitlement landscape, in three steps: first, it consumes and aggregates data from multiple data sources such as human resources and identity and access management systems; then itpredicts and explains the ‘best access fit’ for an individual by producing a confidence score with a business justification; lastly it visualizes and acts so enterprises can prioritize managing risky entitlements and automate the approval of low risk assignments.

ForgeRock Autonomous Identity: Customer Benefits

Based on pilots with large organizations, when deployed, it can on average automate more than 40% of entitlement assignments that are lower risk while bringing more visibility to 30% of entitlement assignments that are higher risk.

ForgeRock Autonomous Identity offers key customer benefits, including:

No more over-provisioning - empowers decision-makers to provision access more quickly and accurately by looking at the global landscape of the users rather than just peer group analysis.

Increased satisfaction and productivity - provides a single source of truth to answer the most critical governance questions that security and auditor teams would want to know, such as who has access to what and why.

Future ready approach - aggregates real-time and streaming data about user access from multiple systems and sources to simplify and recommend the right levels of access for the user and when your organization matures can also be leveraged to auto provision that access.

Support current needs - can be deployed in any cloud or on-premises and integrates with ForgeRock or any other IAM platform so you can get immediate value without a big rip-and-replace project.

Automation reduces manual touching and risky delays - proactive identification of risks to avoid fines and exposure.

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