Thursday, 9th July 2020

NTT Ltd. launches its first Client Innovation Centre in Europe

New co-innovation space in Brussels to showcase cutting-edge technology and inspire innovative collaboration.

NTT Has welcomed clients and partners from all over Europe for the launch of its Client Innovation Center (CIC) in Brussels, Belgium. The brand-new co-innovation space allows visitors to experience the infinite possibilities of new technology firsthand, including innovation previously demonstrated at the NTT R&D Forum held annually in Tokyo. It features inspiring use cases on big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), biosensors and wearables, virtual and augmented reality, security and encryption.

A collaborative environment designed to prototype the future

Our first NTT Ltd. CIC in Europe gives organizations across the region access to disruptive co-innovations from all over the world. It brings use cases and prototypes, developed by NTT R&D and all our co-innovation partners with three objectives in mind:

  • To inspire our clients by raising awareness of technological advancements and applications;
  • To help organizations solve their digital transformation challenges through intelligent business solutions;
  • To help people use technology for good, addressing the themes raised by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Andrew Coulsen, CEO of NTT Ltd. Europe: "The CIC gives organizations across Europe access to cutting-edge technology innovations and new collaborative opportunities. It's a place where people tap into the future, exchange ideas and start prototyping, bringing new technologies and innovations to market in this region. Research and Development is at the heart of our company: NTT Ltd. is committed to investing over 3.6 billion USD on average per year into R&D for the next 5 to 10 years via its research department NTT R&D and through venture capital (NTT VC), co-innovation (NTT Disruption) and initiatives like the CIC here in Europe."

The future on display: data-driven, connected, digital, and secure

In Brussels, we now have six different technologies and solutions on display. All Innovative and inspiring use cases for big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things, biosensors and wearables, virtual and augmented reality, security and encryption. Each use case was co-innovated with NTT R&D and the wider business, government and academic community:

·Kirari!: a holographic simulation that lets you experience any event, from anywhere in the world, with applications for sporting and cultural events, presentations and speeches, education and training.

·Flaim Trainer: an immersive virtual reality training simulator with bio-sensing and real-time scenario analytics, providing firefighters with the ability to train for dangerous scenarios that are otherwise hard to reproduce in reality, expensive and environmentally harmful. Hitoe (see below) is integrated into the suit as a wearable, bio-sensing nano-fiber vest which tracks electrocardiogram (ECG) readings and transmits them in real-time for fitness analysis of firefighters during training.

·Tour de France: a data analytics platform that incorporates machine learning and complex algorithms combining live and historical race data with other data inputs and providing deep levels of insight that allow for an entirely new cycling fan experience.

·Las Vegas: a smart city platform using advanced sensors, machine learning, and artificial intelligence ensuring the City manages day-to-day operations in a far more useful and efficient way. The intelligent data collected enable faster responses to emergencies and help future infrastructure planning.

·Hitoe: a smart shirt that collects data (heart rate, muscle activity) in real-time, allowing us to better understand and improve people's performance in demanding (working) conditions.

·Smart Buildings: a communication system between buildings and the cloud, which can analyze building data non-stop, uncovering valuable new business insights and allowing you to save energy or increase the comfort and security of its inhabitants.

Andrew Coulsen: "The launch of our CIC for Europe marks a new era of innovation for our region. This first set of technologies, applications, and solutions generated through industry collaborations is part of NTT's relentless effort to enable the connected future. A future where ideas, people and technology work together to change the world. Together we use technology for good."

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