Sunday, 27th September 2020

File Fabric joins Arsenal squad

The media group at UK Premier League Football Club Arsenal F.C. has adopted the File Fabric to help with their media data management, providing a tool that allows them to operate with large media assets quickly and securely.

Storage Made Easy® (SME) says that the media team at Arsenal Football Club has integrated the ‘File Fabric for Media’ as their key tool for non-proprietary media content management.

The File Fabric for Media is a specialised version of the File Fabric distinctively aimed at companies who deal with large media assets. It enables companies to securely collaborate with large files, wherever they are stored, in a non propreitized fashion, in addition to being able to move files at high speed.

The File Fabric has been integrated within Arsenal’s existing on-premises and on- cloud object storage, providing a ‘single pane of glass’ view for editors, journalists and administrators alike. The File Fabric provides an easy to use interface with a unifed file manager on top of different data sources. This provides consistency to Arsenal users when working with data whether through the web, desktop or mobile apps.

The media team has also deployed the use of the File Fabric’s M-stream® File Transfer Acceleration feature for which they are transparently and easily moving assets between storage tiers and end-users desktops.

Specific use cases include:

  • The uploading of camera footage from camera devices after football games using the File Fabric for Media which enables the accelerated download of data into the editing suite as required.
  • Journalists have also been able to benefit from the File Fabric Secure Content Distribution functionality, as the File Fabric provides the ability to share broadcast footage and output to external parties, using security controls such as: time-based access, password authentication, and download limits.
In addition to this, it has been easily integrated into their existing MAM (Media Asset Manager) platform, Dalet Flex, to offer some of the File Fabric functionalities to users directly within the MAM’s interface. This was easily achievable by the Arsenal Media team directly without the help of the Storage Made Easy team due to the File Fabric’s rich API. The full details of this integration can be found on our blog.

Finally, the compliance and security layers, which are available to all customers of the File Fabric, have given Arsenal F.C. the fidelity, security and control with their existing data assets for a business in which rights’ management is extremely important.

John Dollin, Senior Media Operations Manager at Arsenal F.C. said: “Working with the team at SME has been a great experience and the product does exactly what it says on the tin, it makes it easy. In an ever changing and more demanding media landscape we, as a media team, need to adapt quickly to new requirements and as a result, require tools and services that are flexible and easy to configure. The File Fabric has already proven its worth and with its simple API, it was easy to integrate into our facility.”

James Norman, Engineering Manager of SME, said: “Customers like Arsenal demonstrate how adaptable and flexible the File Fabric can be for customers, not only in the media and entertainment space, but for plenty of other sectors too. Testament to this is the interest from internal staff and the quick growth in usage that Arsenal F.C has observed of the File Fabric and how easy it has been for them to adapt it to their environment.”
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