Saturday, 19th October 2019

Netwrix teams with Mott MacDonald

Mott MacDonald will offer its customers Insight Search, powered by Netwrix, to deliver more visibility into the data they have, boost efficiency and improve decision-making.

Netwrixhas partnered with Mott MacDonald, a global engineering, management and development consultancy, to bring enterprise-wide visibility into knowledge assets for Mott MacDonald’s global customers. The result is the availability of Insight Search, powered by Netwrix, which will be offered as part of Mott MacDonald’s Smart Infrastructure solution.
Insight Search is based on Netwrix data classification technology and will enable Mott MacDonald’s customers to enrich, consolidate and share organisational knowledge to create new business opportunities and drive revenue. Organisations will be able to adhere to information governance best practices, while maximising the value of enterprise content for more insightful business decisioning. With new capabilities to more quickly find and better organise files and data, employees of Mott MacDonald’s global customers can more actively share knowledge, implement know-hows and increase creative thinking and productivity in their day-to-day work.
Mott MacDonald also uses Netwrix Data Classification internally to enhance efficiency and productivity around information retrieval in its SharePoint environment. Netwrix data classification technology, which is based on machine learning, automatically tags documents and enables users to find necessary information via the existing SharePoint search facility. This has resulted in increased rising profits for Mott MacDonald as well as greater efficiencies to the business each year over the previous file searching system.
Mott MacDonald’s positive experience has prompted the firm to team up with Netwrix to include Insight Search, based on Netwrix Data Classification, into its Smart Infrastructure offering so that other organisations can unlock the same proven benefits.
“Mott MacDonald has already deployed Netwrix Data Classification internally to enhance efficiency and productivity around information retrieval, primarily via its SharePoint environment. This led to an estimated £1.4m efficiency saving to the business each year over our previous file searching system. Now, we are excited that our Smart Infrastructure business has teamed up with Netwrix to adapt this product so that other organisations can unlock the same proven benefits, solving the problem of people failing to find all the relevant and related documents when using their organisation’s search tools,” said Peter Matthews, Mott MacDonald Smart Infrastructure senior information advisor.
“We were extremely pleased that Mott MacDonald was able to increase profits based on our joint solution and that it has decided to start a new business to share that success with the market. We look forward to collaborating with Mott MacDonald and expect that Smart Infrastructure will enable organisations to derive significant value from the ever-increasing volume of enterprise data,” Matt Middleton-Leal, EMEA general manager.
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