Sunday, 18th August 2019

ShieldIO introduces Secure Autonomous Drivers

ShieldIO awarded Startup Company of the Year by Enterprise Security Magazine for its advanced encryption solutions enabling Cyber-Resilience at the core of organisations’ data.

ShieldIO, provider of real-time homomorphic encryption for today’s data-centric applications, has announced the availability of its Secure Autonomous Drivers.

ShieldIO Secure Autonomous Drivers enable organisations of any size to overcome one of the biggest barriers to cloud adoption: securing data while maintaining its full use. Lack of Cyber Resiliency is now at the forefront of data owners’ minds. Using ShieldIO’s Data-Centric approach to encryption, these fears can be alleviated without compromising data usability.

“Today’s organisations are looking to secure their data from inside out,” said AJ Jennings, Founder and CEO at ShieldIO. “Companies desire a reduction in the complexities pertaining to network and application breaches while complying with regulations such as CCPA, NYDFS Cybersecurity and GDPR.”

ShieldIO’s solutions are delivered as database drivers making deployment and implementation far easier, less disruptive, and more intuitive than any other solution currently on the market. Additionally, ShieldIO’s Secure Autonomous Drivers use AES 256 encryption without the need for KeyStore’s thereby eliminating one of the fundamental weaknesses in common encryption practice.

“The continued incidence of data breaches and the compliance requirements of new data protection regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, has resulted in proportionately elevated interest in encryption,” said Garrett Bekker, Principal Analyst for Information Security at 451 Research. “However, the challenge with most forms of encryption is that, at some point, data must be decrypted to be used effectively, and this precisely when data is most vulnerable, particularly to insider attacks. To address this problem, ShieldIO has developed an encryption-in-use approach that allows search and mathematical operations to be performed on encrypted data -- without ever decrypting the data or using KeyStores.”

“Unlike other encryption solutions in the market today, ShieldIO does not require a separate server or gateway,” Jennings stated. “ShieldIO manages all the encryption, mathematical equations and search of encrypted data directly with the database at the driver level -- all without the requirement to decrypt the data. ShieldIO therefore helps you realise incremental data economics by unlocking dark data for analytics.”

On the strength of this unique and intuitive solution, ShieldIO has also won the Enterprise Security Magazine ‘Startup Company of the Year award for 2019.

“Enterprise Security Magazine chose ShieldIO’s solution because of our innovative approach that allows businesses to search and perform database analytics functions on encrypted data in real-time with sub-millisecond latency and without the need for KeyStores,” Jennings continued. “This results in a dramatic reduction in management and maintenance costs and means that risk is not only reduced, but you can truly unlock the value of your data.”

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