Wednesday, 17th July 2019

Cyxtera enables AI workloads

Cyxtera Technologies, the secure infrastructure company, is joining the NVIDIA DGX-Ready Data Center program to enable AI workloads for NVIDIA DGX Systems customers. The program will bring NVIDIA DGX-Ready Data Center colocation services to Cyxtera’s hybrid-ready information security fabric and global footprint of 57 world-class data centers.

Cyxtera’s data centers in the following markets are prequalified as NVIDIA DGX-Ready: Dallas, New York/New Jersey, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Seattle, London, Germany, Singapore and Toronto. Today’s announcement is another development in Cyxtera’s continued effort to evolve as technology such as AI drives data growth across multiple industry verticals.

“AI applications are skyrocketing, which is creating a need for exponentially more computational power,” said Randy Rowland, Cyxtera’s President, Data Center Services. “We have partnered with NVIDIA to ensure that enterprises have access to the data center resources they need to quickly take advantage of AI while avoiding many of the challenges of infrastructure planning that can delay implementation.”

Analyst firm Tractica predicts that global AI enterprise spending will reach nearly $39 billion by 2025 and will be the driving force behind everything from highly efficient sales platforms and virtual digital receptionists to children’s toys, autonomous vehicles, and products or services that don’t yet exist.

Today’s announcement follows news of Cyxtera’s geographic expansion in key markets in the United States including, Silicon Valley, Phoenix, Atlanta, New York Metro and Toronto; and in Europe, in Frankfurt and London.

“We’re excited to have Cyxtera join the DGX-Ready Data Center program because they bring a global data center footprint with high standards for operational excellence, enabling customers to implement AI applications with greater ease,” said Tony Paikeday, Director of Product Marketing for DGX Systems and Data Science Platform at NVIDIA. “Our DGX-Ready Data Center program was created to accelerate the adoption of AI through certified partners by simplifying deployment with an affordable OpEx model.”

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