Thursday, 17th October 2019

Transforming DCIM?

Leveraging their extensive experience in providing converged IT infrastructure management and intelligent connectivity solutions, RiT Tech are showcasing DNIO (Datacenter, Network & Infrastructure Orchestration). The full-stack, open-framework solution that takes the Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) concept to its metamorphosis, capable of delivering higher levels of business agility.

“We’re very excited to offer our DNIO Platform, XpedITe to the market. It is our proprietary offering, but has an open-framework that can connect to legacy systems, as well as new.We offer unlimited integration, with a powerful work order and workflow capability, which together offer the highest levels of operational efficiency possible in the data center.Our customers particularly like the GUI and ease of use.” Said Assaf Skolnik, CEO of RiT Tech.-

Since the introduction of DCIM to the general market over a decade ago, many changes have taken place in the data center and infrastructure sector, as the concept struggled to mature.Nevertheless, experts are still predicting a 16% growth to 2024 with a forecast market value of over $3bn.The reasons for this, are trends such as:

-Growth in big data and move towards predictive analytics

-IT and Facilities starting to work together

-Efficiency and cost reduction required for increased business agility

-Aspirations towards the software defined data center

Moreover, the move towards distributed, digital infrastructures and hybrid environments has been one of the most significant shifts, which necessitates the overview and orchestration of infrastructure environments across multiples sites.

The DNIO concept builds on the foundations of DCIM, and addresses the three major challenges that IT and Data Center leaders face today:

1.Increasingly complex, inter-connected, hybrid environments becoming difficult to manage.

2.Uptime and availability risk for smooth DC Operations.

3.Efficiency and cost reduction for maximum business agility.

As pioneers in Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) and intelligent connectivity, and more recently in facilities and IT management, RiT Tech have brought these areas of expertise together, focusing on feedback from multinational clients.Areas such as asset management, integration, speed to implement, and time to value have been common areas of complaint for traditional DCIM users.

DNIO addresses these complaints and takes a data-centric approach, which allows flexibility and fully bespoke configurations, that deliver maximum efficiency via full-stack integration in an open framework.

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