Cyxtera and Megaport expand partnership

Latest evolution of partnership enables more businesses to enjoy secure and on-demand connections to leading cloud service providers directly from Cyxtera’s U.K. data centres.

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Cyxtera Technologies, the secure infrastructure company, is expanding its partnership with Megaport Limited, a leading global Network as a Service (NaaS) provider into the European market. Customers at Cyxtera’s footprint of five data centres in the Greater London area can enjoy secure, on-demand connections to leading cloud service providers (CSPs) via Megaport’s software-defined network. The partnership allows enterprises to quickly and easily tap into the potential of multi and hybrid cloud capabilities.


“Enterprises are now stepping back from a cloud-first strategy. Instead, they are looking to combine the best of both for a hybrid or multi-cloud arrangement. By expanding our offering with Megaport, more businesses can rapidly and flexibly connect their colocated infrastructure to their cloud workloads,” said Alex Pearson, Senior Vice President for International Sales at Cyxtera Technologies.


The newly expanded partnership increases the number of global Cyxtera markets incorporating Megaport connectivity to 11 locations including Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, New York Metro, Toronto, and London. Once set up and connected, enterprises can manage their services via Megaport’s web-based portal or open API. Customers benefit from the ability to rapidly set up services in a shorter timeframe and execute strategies in days instead of weeks, with the capacity to adjust as and when needed.  Utilizing Megaport Cloud Router (MCR), enterprises can deploy virtual routers that support advanced routing use cases, including cloud-to-cloud.


Key benefits of Cyxtera and Megaport connectivity include:

  • Flexible, on-demand bandwidth

  • Simplified, agile and cost-efficient cloud management

  • Direct access to a global ecosystem of more than 300 service providers

  • The ability to deploy network strategies in days while only paying for what is used

  • Multi-cloud and cloud-to-cloud connectivity

  • A secure infrastructure including both advanced cybersecurity and a global data centre network

  • Ongoing support from highly experienced data centre technicians


“Working with Cyxtera is not just good news for enterprises; the expansion of our partnership is great for service providers too,” added Peter Hase, Chief Commercial Officer, Megaport. “Via our Software Defined Network, U.K. businesses can connect to over 300 service providers including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Salesforce. By extending the reach of cloud services directly to locations where hybrid and multicloud architectures are being colocated, we enable service providers to reach and engage with even more enterprises. We are delighted to strengthen our partnership with Cyxtera and support increased cloud adoption in London and beyond.”

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