Thursday, 17th October 2019

Too many data sources to count?

Ivanti has published the results of a survey of 400 IT professionals that captures the challenges faced by IT when it comes to siloes, data and implementation.

“It’s clear from the results of this survey that IT professionals are in need of a more unified approach when working across organisational departments and resulting silos,” said Duane Newman, Vice President, Product Management at Ivanti. “Security remains a major data insights requirement, but it’s also important to note that IT organisations need to find better ways to work with their data or it will continue to impact other critical IT priorities.”

Among its notable findings, the research revealed that when dealing with siloes in IT and departments, three key priorities suffer the most, including: automation (46%), user productivity and troubleshooting (42%) and customer experience (41%). The findings did show that onboarding/offboarding suffers the least (20%) due to siloes – so it appears that IT and HR have one of the better working relationships.

When looking for real-time insight, security is still king. 70% of IT professionals said they wanted to know most about security status over other priorities. Respondents were least interested in real-time insights around warranty data.

Other noteworthy findings of the survey include:

·15% of IT professionals say they have too many data sources to count

·More than half of IT professionals (51%) report they have to work with their data for days, weeks or more, before it’s actionable

·Only 10% of respondents said the data they receive is actionable within minutes

·One in three respondents said they have the resources to act on their data but more than half (52%) said they only sometimes have the resources

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