Friday, 19th July 2019

Masergy launches AI-powered Intelligent Virtual Agent

Natural language processing coupled with predictive analytics serve as key drivers to meaningful customer experiences.

Masergy has launched a new Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered virtual agent. Masergy Intelligent Virtual Agent powers virtual assistant and chatbot features for Masergy Global UCaaS solutions. It also serves as the queueing agent for Masergy Cloud Contact Centre.

“AI is poised to dramatically raise the table stakes for customer engagement,” said Bob Laskey, EVP and Chief Revenue Officer, Masergy. “This launch represents our ongoing commitment to helping enterprises make the shift from reactive to proactive customer service. Masergy Intelligent Virtual Agent operationalises advancements in AI, speech recognition, and natural language processing to enhance an always-available voice for customer service.”

Masergy Intelligent Virtual Agent provides more substantive outcomes than a standard automated advisor, run-of-the-mill bot, or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. The new conversational AI also makes it easier to provide immediate response to consumers by augmenting the self-service features inherent to Masergy Global UCaaS and Cloud Contact Centre.

When coupled with Masergy’s predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities, Masergy Intelligent Virtual Agent helps its users dramatically increase productivity, reduce customer service times, and improve customer satisfaction scores.

“Our Intelligent Virtual Agent is directly integrated into Masergy’s software-defined platform for added security and resiliency,” said Terry Traina, Senior Vice President of Engineering, Masergy. “Our private connectivity to the virtual customer assistant platform that powers the solution is assured. For risk-averse customers, Masergy Intelligent Virtual Agent guarantees greater service reliability, enhanced packet delivery, and deeper protection than similar services from other providers.”

Masergy Intelligent Virtual Agent is easy to cost-justify, offering customer service organisations the opportunity to drive growth by:

  • Lessening risk and improving compliance through sensitive financial and healthcare data collection practices
  • Automating data discovery, simplifying processes, and streamlining workflows through highly predictive and skilled algorithms
  • Adding intelligence to repetitive tasks by finding structure and commonality within data and applying natural language processing and deep learning to improve task completion accuracy
  • Reducing human error through the reliable performance of frequent, high-volume tasks
  • Improving customer experiences (CX) by adding self-service capabilities to Masergy Global UCaaS and Cloud Contact Centre

“Many of Masergy’s future innovations will be AI-based,” said Traina. “Our behavioral analysis-based security algorithms, this new intelligent agent, and our planned intelligent network advisor all aim to optimise resource efficiency, increase employee productivity and enhance customer experience.”

Masergy has partnered with Inference to develop the solution. “We’re excited to partner with Masergy as they continue to provide the industry’s best experience to their customers,” said Callan Schebella, CEO, Inference.

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