Wednesday, 24th April 2019

Qumulo introduces data migration service

Qumulo, a pioneer of hybrid cloud storage, has launched its Data Migration Service.

Enterprise data managers and administrators seeking to adopt new and innovative storage technologies often find the most difficult obstacle is the migration of existing data. Migration of data can be labour-intensive, and typically requires software and hardware rarely used in daily business operations.

The Data Migration Service was developed in partnership with digital data protection company Atempo. With Atempo’s flagship Miria data protection technology, Qumulo’s Data Migration Service provides a complete data migration solution including project management and execution, as well as best-of-breed software and servers that make the data migration process simple and worry-free.

This new service manages the entire data migration process from planning, to execution and validation so that users can focus on their business, not their storage. In addition to migrating the data itself, Data Migration Service also maintains all permissions, directory structures, and application integrations seamlessly after the data has been moved.

“Enterprise data is the lifeblood of most organisations today, and administrators need to be confident that throughout the migration process their unstructured file data will be protected and secure, and that the business will continue as usual, without disruption,” said Rob Banga, Director of Customer Success at Qumulo.

“Atempo’s Miria technology stack enables organisations to securely migrate large volumes of files while providing the best performance in moving data from legacy systems to Qumulo’s file storage, be this on-premises or in the cloud. Whether you have billions of small or large files, you will optimise your migration window, preserve data integrity, and lower impact on production systems,” said Herve Collard, VP of Marketing at Atempo.

Key advantages of Qumulo’s Data Migration Service, versus simply copying the data from the old system or trying to migrate through scripts, include:

  • End-to-end project management from start to finish
  • Lower production impact or downtime during data migrations - the adaptive read/write mechanism in the software balances availability and throughput
  • Atempo’s Miria software does not interfere with active usage of the storage system, keeping your environment operational throughout the migration
  • Scaling data movement performance is easy. Once the data set size, network capacity and existing storage system performance capabilities are documented, the migration can be scheduled to meet migration timeline requirements.
  • Data remains secure with user authentication, and all rights management policies remain in-place during the migration.

“Qumulo’s proven experience in migrating data from legacy systems, now powered by Atempo, allows organisations to avoid unnecessary complications and get their data up and running as quickly as possible,” said Ferhat Kaddour, VP of Alliances at Atempo.

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