Monday, 25th May 2020

Ziften expands its use of proprietary machine learning

Ziften’s endpoint protection platform uses proprietary machine learning in all phases of the endpoint security continuum simplifying endpoint protection across the enterprise.

Ziften is expanding the use of its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning (ML) algorithms throughout all phases of its endpoint security continuum. Ziften Zenith is the first cyber security platform that provides one agent for all endpoints – laptops, desktops, servers, and cloud – preventing multi-vector attacks with advanced AV, detection and response, plus visibility and hardening.

Zenith’s Advanced AV capability, built entirely on a foundation of AI, leverages proprietary ML algorithms to detect multiple attack vectors used by adversaries to breach corporate, government, and industrial endpoints including growing fileless and zero-day attacks which now account for 77% of compromises.1

The use of ML is too often limited to solving siloed problems like Windows endpoint threat prevention. The Zenith endpoint protection platform (EPP) uses its AI/ML based threat protection in more phases of the endpoint security spectrum, namely:

  • Preventing a full range of attacks on macOS and Linux systems, as well as Windows, simplifying endpoint security for all enterprise endpoints and eliminating the need for time-consuming system rollbacks and reimaging on all endpoints.

  • Detection of advanced cyber-attacks on Linux and Windows based servers and VMs alleviating business continuity concerns caused by AV and other threat prevention technologies. Find and stop threats in the data center and cloud without losing sleep.

  • Using ML to simplify threat analysis and response. Rich machine learning data provides unparalleled visibility simplifying and speeding the human element of forensic investigations and incident response.

“Expanding the use of our machine learning algorithms thoughout our Zenith endpointprotection platform, is another significant endpoint security step for our customers,” said Logan Gilbert, VP of Product Management, Ziften. “Zenith’s endpoint hardening and advanced antivirus capabilities maximize prevention of a full-range of threats on our customer’s endpoints. And Zenith’s EDR functionality with continuous threat monitoring goes beyond helping customers stop cyber-breaches before damage or data loss can occur.”
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