Tuesday, 21st January 2020

Densify launches Optimisation-as-Code product

Densify has unveiled what it says is the industry’s first cloud optimisation-as-code product. Dedicated to bringing cloud costs dramatically down while improving application performance, Cloe Aware enables applications to self-optimise. Leveraging the industry’s first optimisation-as-code product, Cloud operations teams can automate application optimisation by simply adding one line of code into their infrastructure-as-code template.

Application demands can fluctuate every day, hour, and minute of the week. In parallel, cloud offerings, such as a compute instances can be purchased and configured in millions of different ways, and new technologies are introduced on a monthly basis. It’s impossible to align application needs with the right cloud technologies available while optimising each dollar spent. Densify analyses cloud usage patterns, proactively makes applications self-aware of their resource needs – matching application needs to available cloud resources. Densify’s new product, Cloe Aware, represents a major leap forward in cloud optimisation. By adding one line of code into an infrastructure-as-code template, that application is not only self-aware but now self-optimising.

“Cloe Aware represents an important technical leap as the first product in the industry to allow companies to build optimisation-as-code into their cloud operations. With one line of code, their apps can now be automatically and forever optimised,” said Gerry Smith, CEO, Densify.

A single line of code entered into the ‘infrastructure-as-code’ templates such as Terraform, cloudforms and cloudformation tools, dynamically calls on Cloe Aware 24/7 – this not only gives the cloud instances self-awareness of their cloud resources needs, based on business and application demands, but also the ability to automatically self-optimise. This means that the cloud instances on which the application runs are now able to automatically and dynamically change in the cloud – driving improved application performance and lowering cloud spend.

Product benefits include:

  • A single line of code to fully automate cloud optimisation – without requiring any user interface functionality - making it simple and easy to bring cloud optimisation to the DevOps and TechOps teams
  • Automatic generation of both machine-readable and human-readable output, enabling approval processes, flexible business intelligence reports and integration into Github or other repositories of choice
  • Full automation based on Cloe’s patented AI engine that finds the right cloud technology fit for each application
  • Proactive optimisation improves application, and ultimately business, stability and performance
  • Self-awareness of cloud resources shows exactly the risk and wasted spend in cloud, and where improvements should be made without any degradation to application performance, and self-optimisation provides the ability to take the action to make changes
  • Operational efficiency is delivered by allowing all DevOps and TechOps teams to come together and leverage automated mechanism in selecting the right cloud resources every time, for every application

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