Virtual Instruments launches Technology Alliance Programme

Virtual Instruments' Technology Alliance Programme extends Virtual Instruments' collaborative global ecosystem for enterprise-grade hybrid infrastructure management solutions and ensures the testing and validation of product integrations with Virtual Instruments' award-winning performance management products.

Enterprises are increasingly demanding an open ecosystem that offers vendor-independent testing and monitoring tools, creating the opportunity for companies to build mutually beneficial relationships to offer the best possible products and services to their customers. Companies participating in the Virtual Instruments Technology Alliance Programme join an effort to create the largest ecosystem for third-party interoperable vendors, a significant value-add for companies looking to deliver improved product integrations for customers' hybrid infrastructure monitoring and management needs. Members of the Technology Alliance Programme are provided the opportunity to test and validate the integration of their offerings with Virtual Instruments' technology and resell integrated solutions more effectively through jointly-facilitated strategic sales engagements. 


"Organisations that are solely dependent on vendor recommendations, or partners that are aligned with specific vendors, are increasingly at risk of leaving their IT teams vulnerable to performance visibility gaps due to poorly integrated infrastructure monitoring. This highlights the need for tested and validated product integrations, backed by the industry-leading companies customers trust," said Jaymin Patel, VP of Product Ecosystem Development at Virtual Instruments. "The Virtual Instruments Technology Alliance Programme is the only vendor-agnostic alliance program in the hybrid infrastructure performance management industry and offers more companies the opportunity to deploy real-time hybrid infrastructure performance monitoring to better assist customers in identifying the root cause of performance issues."


Virtual Instruments has teamed with industry-leading hardware and software companies to deliver best-in-class hybrid infrastructure management solutions. The integrations pursued by participating partners will include solutions based on Virtual Instruments' portfolio of industry-leading solutions, comprised of the VirtualWisdom hybrid infrastructure performance monitoring and analytics platform, the WorkloadWisdomstorage workload performance validation platform, and the Cloud Migration Readiness (CMR) service. Below are testimonials from four Technology Alliance Programme members currently integrated with Virtual Instruments' technology:


"At Garland, we're committed to educating our customers on the benefits of having a strong foundation of network visibility and access, and delivering network products and solutions for enterprise, service providers, and government agencies worldwide," said Frank Rubio, Sr. Director of Business Development at Garland Technology. "Our partnership with Virtual Instruments not only supports our growth strategy, but also ensures that we're able to help solve critical problems for enterprises when it comes to network and storage infrastructure performance."


"We're excited to be joining Virtual Instruments' Technology Alliance Program," said Brendan O'Flaherty, CEO of cPacket Networks. "Through our partnership with Virtual Instruments, our joint customers will have access to a state-of-the-art, comprehensive and real-time monitoring solution along with an advanced set of high-resolution analytics for best-in-class reactive and proactive performance monitoring."


"Innovative network visibility solutions must be collaboratively developed to keep pace with the increasing complexity of enterprise data centres," said Phil Griston, senior director of partner marketing and development, Gigamon. "As the recognised market leader in network visibility, we are excited to join Virtual Instruments' Technology Alliance Programme to deliver the best-in-class infrastructure management solutions our customers have come to expect."


"Cloud migrations in the enterprise are a tricky proposition because the pressure to execute these projects increases every day, yet the fallout from a failed migration can be widespread for both the organisation and its customers," said Joe Zeto, VP of Marketing and Product Management at Apposite Technologies. "By joining the new Virtual Instruments Technology Alliance Programme, we're demonstrating to our customers that we're committed to providing them with best-of-breed solutions for enterprise-grade cloud migration. Our work with Virtual Instruments in the Technology Alliance Programme will help us ensure that those resulting solutions are as bullet-proof as the migration initiatives they will support."

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