Thursday, 12th December 2019

MIX's new PoP launched at the Global Cloud Data Center

Aruba and MIX announce the agreement set to boost capacity and interconnection services contributing to the growth of the Internet in Italy and Europe.

Aruba has launched a point of presence (POP) thanks to MIX – the largest Internet eXchange in Italy and one of the biggest in Europe in terms of traffic – directly accessible from Aruba's Global Cloud Data Center, the largest Data Center Campus in Italy.

The agreement between Aruba and the Milan Internet eXchange sees the addition of new interconnections – peering between networks –with the launch of a Point of Presence within the Global Cloud Data Center, thanks to equipment connected to Milan via two-track fiber to facilitate the exchange of traffic with many other national and international carriers.

This means that Aruba customers, telecoms operators and all interested parties will be able to exchange traffic locally and with Milan's MIX operators directly from the Ponte San Pietro data center and – at the same time – the MIX itself will boost its own potential as an interconnection hub thanks to this new acceleration in the development strategy for the Internet exchange throughout Lombardy, which will then grow further with respect to the Milan Caldera complex.

The collaboration between the two players is strategic in terms of the development of the Italian and European Internet, and confirms that the Global Cloud Data Center is moving even closer towards establishing a central position for itself in Europe, within the network that encompasses the global hubs of Amsterdam, London and Frankfurt.

Joy Marino, Chairman of MIX's board, has announced: “The first time I visited the Global Data Center, I was struck by the potential of the site and the vision that drives Aruba; we immediately made a commitment to achieve this shared goal. Now that we have a PoP on the outskirts of Bergamo, we can really talk about MIX's Lombardy Ring as the infrastructure that makes peering between all Internet operators possible, wherever they are in the region's largest Data Centers. The infrastructural gap with other European countries is being filled.”

Stefano Cecconi, CEO of Aruba S.p.A., added: “We are delighted with this agreement, as it means we can offer our customers the opportunity to connect to MIX's LAN and make sure peering is incredibly easy, reducing transport costs. This will benefit our customers, but also everyone who wants to establish new interconnections somewhere nearby, but an alternative to the main hub of Milan Caldera. I feel that it is an important link in the chain to make the Italian network even more robust, and to encourage development as much as possible to be able to better handle the substantial growth expected in the next few years both in terms of use and traffic generated by new technology.”
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