Thursday, 9th July 2020

Pulse Secure Virtual ADC extends application availability and protection to the Google Cloud Platform

Helping to defend mission critical applications from advanced persistent threats.

Pulse Secure's Virtual Application Delivery Controller (ADC) products are now available on the Google Cloud Platform. With this launch, Pulse Secure accelerates cloud adoption by offering Virtual ADC enterprise customers deployment flexibility and the ability to deliver their mission critical applications in a highly secure and reliable manner.

Following the recent Virtual ADC acquisition, this development demonstrates Pulse Secure’s momentum and commitment in continuing to execute on its cloud strategy.

“Pulse Secure is proud to continue delivering on our cloud promise, while helping customers ease their migration to Google Cloud by assuring the highest availability of their most important business applications, while protecting their revenue and reputation from increasing security threats,” said Marion Smith, vice president and general manager, Virtual ADC Business Unit at Pulse Secure.

Pulse Secure Virtual ADC is a comprehensive platform that enables organizations to deliver mission-critical applications with a high level of security, equivalent to what organizations have in their data center, while providing scalability and a resilient user experience.

Capabilities of Pulse Secure Virtual ADC include:

·Protection against Layer 7 application vulnerabilities

·Unique, scalable application firewall designed for the cloud: combined with granular application level firewall protection and session monitoring to detect attacks, including advanced persistent threats, that exploit business transactions

·Dual mode: testing of new rule sets to reduce false positives before moving to production

·Portability from on-premise to cloud deployments: including a complete set of tools to customize and optimize business applications, without having to rearchitect the network, for seamless customer experience

·Provisioning of license capacity to Virtual ADC instances: including fine-grained usage metering, including metering of billing and chargeback, to avoid over-provisioning and achieve cost-effective management

·Auto-scaling: redistributes loads to easily handle traffic spikes based on business demand, ensuring optimal performance levels and highest levels of service delivery

“By adding Google Cloud, Pulse Secure extends its deployment flexibility to help customers execute on their multi-cloud strategy,” said Mike Fratto, research director at GlobalData. “Multi-cloud relies on consistent and uniform capabilities wherever the workload resides. Pulse Secure further enhances portability with dynamic, automated license provisioning which removes a significant hurdle for multi-cloud strategies.”

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