Dynatrace launches OneAgent Operator

Dynatrace among first Red Hat partners to launch Operators Integration.

Software intelligence company Dynatrace has launched “Dynatrace OneAgent Operator”.

Dynatrace’s OneAgent is a set of specialized processes that run on each monitored host to collect business and performance metrics. As one of the first Red Hat partners to integrate the Operator Framework SDK into its platform, platform administrators will be able to automate the management, updates and roll-out of its OneAgent in their Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform environments.

By leveraging Dynatrace OneAgent, customers will be able to automatically control the roll out of OneAgent to specific nodes, deploy it on tainted nodes and perform upgrades as soon as soon as they’re available.

Red Hat’s Operator Framework is an open source project that provides developer and runtime Kubernetes tools, accelerating development of an Operator - a method of packaging, deploying and managing a Kubernetes application. With this announcement, Dynatrace joins Red Hat and its partners, to enable automated management of Red Hat OpenShift.

“The Dynatrace OneAgent automates the monitoring of highly-scalable applications for our customers’ unique application stacks, regardless of the services and processes that are running,” said Franz Karlsberger, Global Head of Strategic Technology Alliances and Ecosystems, Dynatrace. By automating the tasks involved in keeping Dynatrace OneAgent at its peak performance, we’re taking another step toward our vision of fully autonomous IT.”

“With the power of Kubernetes Operators, ISVs within the Red Hat ecosystem, like Dynatrace – which is specifically purpose-built for cloud monitoring – can automate their services at scale in a Red Hat OpenShift environment," said Chris Morgan, Global Technical Director, OpenShift Ecosystem, Red Hat. "Operators are designed to enable OpenShift to not only be a priority deployment target for ISV solutions, but a catalyst to empower those solutions to operate on OpenShift as they would on the public cloud in terms of maintainability, flexibility, and upgradeability."

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