Saturday, 8th August 2020

DATA4 partners with Nlyte

DATA4, the European specialist in the design, construction and operation of ultra-secure data centres, has partnered with Nlyte to provide real-time information on its data centre infrastructure, reduce operational risks, and provide value-added services for colocation customers. With Nlyte, DATA4 will progress its vision to be the global leader in colocation services.

DATA4 manages flexible, high-performance, carrier- and cloud-neutral data centres, offering solutions from one colocation rack all the way through to purpose-built, dedicated facilities. DATA4 Group currently operates fifteen data centres in France, Italy and Luxembourg, with a total net technical area of 27,000m? of IT rooms, and more than 39MW of IT power.

To increase the transparency and value of services to DATA4’s end users, DATA4 wanted to ‘open the black box’ of the data centre and show customers a real-time view of its assets. At the same time, DATA4 will increase its own efficiencies and widen its service offering. Nlyte’s solutions will be connected to the various Building Management System (BMS) and DATA4’s other internal systems without any interruption of services, via its open architecture.

The colocation market is competitive. Data centre providers must increase the value to customers beyond secure reliable colocation facilities and broaden service offerings. The days of providing ‘just facilities’ are gone. DATA4’s partnership with Nlyte will provide greater value to its customers by offering them software as a service to improve efficiencies, agility and transparency. Nlyte will assist DATA4 in gaining a clear understanding of capacity planning, exceed SLAs, and develop business benefits. This project will see DATA4 and its customers move away from manual processes and recording to smooth, automated and real-time operations for managing their complete infrastructure.

Customers are demanding more and can no longer manage their infrastructure with Visio drawings or spreadsheets, often hopelessly out of date by the time they are seen. Customers often don’t have just one data centre, they have several, using colocation, the public cloud, and on-premise. This partnership will offer the right tools to reduce risk and costs by monitoring what happens in their IT infrastructure, whether in colocation, cloud, or their own facilities – remotely, in real-time.

“With Nlyte we aim to transform the services customers expect from their data centre partners and give real-time transparency and decision-making analysis, on demand. Nlyte’s robust solution with DATA4’s leading services will enable our customers to be more agile, better informed, and increase efficiency,” explained J?r?me Totel VP, Product Development & Sales Engineering at DATA4 Group.

“We are integrating Nlyte into all our European data centres. Our objective is to ensure 100 percent continuity of service during the integration across our fifteen data centres; a seamless integration is very important.”

To help ensure a smooth rollout of the complete solution, Nlyte and DATA4 are leveraging the industry expertise of Straton IT, a leading French based System Integrator who will be the preferred service provider for deploying. Its knowledge and experience with IT projects will allow DATA4 to quickly deploy the solution throughout all their data centres across Europe.

“Integrating Nlyte, DATA4’s customers will enhance their data centre IT and asset management capabilities and will generate reliable and actionable information while giving access to critical systems on a single user interface. It increases the agility of infrastructure teams in keeping up with business changes and requests,” said Fredric Hay, CEO, Straton IT. “The data centre market is undergoing real change. Managers are battling challenges from complexity, cost, and not being able to scale at the required pace. Those who have not embraced DCIM to optimise their infrastructure assets are having to play catch-up to faster operators who are creating more efficient and effective colocation facilities and private data centres.”

“DATA4 is a trusted leader in colocation services across Europe, and Nlyte is extraordinarily excited to work together to empower both their own business, and their customers’, to operate with more agility, whilst also reducing costs,” said Moshe Benjo, Nlyte Vice President & Head of Sales, EMEA. “Together we will solve the mission-critical needs of DATA4’s demanding and progressive customers by enhancing their real-time understanding of operational effectiveness.”

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